Reflective Essay on Effects of Training, Empathy, and Leadership in Customer Service Delivery

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Customer care services have the potential to improve the sales and buyer confidence on the services. It extends beyond the sale and is hugely connected to activities before and during the sale of product and decisions to buy good or service. To employees, training on customer care services is essential to increase motivation and engagement as they draw an absolute understanding of the products and services. Additionally, employees who have undergone training exhibit boosted confidence and morale which positively increase their output. To customers, training increases their overall satisfaction with the products by understanding all the issues around the product, gives them purchasing options and above all it is key to boosting their brand loyalty.

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Importance of Training, Empathy, and Leadership in Business

With regards to leadership, Harry (2007) points out that effective organizational leadership helps create an engaged workforce that can produce significantly higher output because of the sense of engagement that is exercised by their seniors. Thus, the employees feel valued and part of the overall goals of the organization.

Empathy in customer service is not all to do with the expression of all the negative feeling one has for defect products, it has a whole lot to do with unfeigned customer interests and assisting them to calm down by a critical and analytical understanding of their situation. If need be, apologies must be extended, and the customer issues cleared immediately to restore their confidence in the product.

From the video, Simek believes that the world is filled with uncertainties that threaten our well-being. As such, man being a social animal; they have formed a circle of cooperation in which they watch over one another. Therefore, knowing that someone can watch against the uncertainties, the man then has the capability to render services to others.

My Personal Experience

On my mom's last birthday, I had saved to surprise her with the new Samsung S7 that was new in the market. I knew very little about the phone, and I desperately needed guidance so that I could make the right choice. Upon visiting the Samsung downtown shop, I was amazed at the level of understanding that the customer care agent had on the product. What amazed me was the fact that she meticulously demonstrated an understanding of all the issues I had and the confidence with which she was able to enlighten me on the same. I left the shop a more satisfied customer and had since recommended several other clients to the very customer care executive.


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