Leadership Styles of Colin Powell

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The successful organization is based leadership styles which are being capitalized by the management while they run the organizational operation. Leadership in an organization involves having the individual who guides others to perform certain job function. The concept of organizational leadership is understands through the achievement of leading a group of people towards achieving curtained objectives. Leadership involves the ability of the one superior individual to establish the clear vision, share the same vision with the employee, providing the relevant information and knowledge that is needed to achieve the same vision. A leader also if the focus in coordinating and balancing the conflicting ideas generated by all organizational members, a leader should be in frontline during crisis time run the organization and one is able to think critically and make the comprehensive decision during the difficult situation that may affect the general operations of the organization.

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According to Colin Powell, leadership is described as the art of accomplishing more than science management, Colin Powel related his study with the organizational charts which shows the hierarchical arrangement of authority, communication and duties of different people in an organization. Powel stated that perpetual optimism is a force multiplier is attributable to the leaders unrest until positive enthusiasm is gain. The leaders are required to follow the organization chart and structure determine on how the roles, responsibilities and powers are assign coordinated ad controlled in between different levels of management. The leadership styles and traits by Colin Powell seek to educate on the quality leadership operations.


Directing is one of the leadership styles that is embraced by the Colin Powell. Powel used the directing as a stylistic leadership approach to management his role while managing his operations in the military. Organizational structure comprises of all respective superiors in all the departments, the superiors have the responsibility of directing as well as coordinating the operations of their relevant departments. Like the military organizational structure, all the superiors in the department needs to supervise the operation of their inferior individual, this will allow them to work towards achieving.


The Delegating involves the operation of management to allocate and delegate specific duties to employees. Colin Powell stated that the organization charts comprises of all the department with distinctive objectives, Collin Powell provided and overview which substantiates the relation between the management and employee. A delegation of duties in an organization is described by Collin Powel to be promoted by empowering the employee to perform their job functions with respect to the set objectives. Taking a stand also takes the trait of democratic leadership style which is commonly used in enhancing perpetual optimism as a force multiplier in many departmental managers in an organization. Relating the lesson learn from Colin Powell, democratic leadership style allows the management of an organization to make formulate policies as well as making the compressive decision, engaging the employee in making the decision also embraces the importance of organization chart and structure. Like the military operation, all the personnel should be engaged while making the decision that brings the success of the organization.


Supporting is one of the leadership styles that is embraced by Colin Powell to be pertinent in developing the organizational charts. The phenomenon is also considered to be in relation to the perpetual optimism is a force multiplier in enhancing that the employee are motivated while making the decision, its impact on the running of the organization is based on the internalization relation between the management and the employee. The organizational chart comprises of leaders who stay on the front line while leading other and changing their behavior in order to improve their job performance. Colin Powell indicated that all the superior in each department should consider supporting the employee in what they do with respect to the organization operations.


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