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Data analysis method effectiveness

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Data analysis is very important in a research study because it affects the results and deliberations of the study. The qualitative data analysis approach used in the study are appropriate for the study due to the characteristics of the study. The case study approach used meets the necessary tradition and research design requirements of a qualitative study. Case study analysis allows a detail collection of information, unlike other data analysis methods. Experimental designs used in case studies promotes an in-depth collection of information which improves the findings of the study. Case study approach is good enough for the study because of the large sample and extensive study of the study because employment varies over different industries and sectors. Using a case study approach makes it possible for the success of the study because large samples of similar participants are not available because employment issues are different with different organizations (Creswell, 2009).

However, the case study approach used in the study is not exhaustive and does not create a depth understanding of the characteristics of the study in question. Case study analysis is problematic because it is difficult to generalize the information from case studies over wider research areas and populations. The information collected through the case studies especially the longitudinal case studies are not relevant to the problem in question. Due to the differences in the case studies and individuals collecting the information, there is a significant possibility of bias in data collected (Creswell, 2009).

Justification of aspects of data analysis

The research has satisfactorily met all the aspects of data analysis, but the use of qualitative study limits the extensive analysis and establishment of data to use in the study. A meta-analysis of data from other previous research could have helped in creating an in-depth understanding of data in this field as well as the creation of more possibilities. Meta-analysis ensures that data from previous studies is considered. A qualitative approach to the study only creates the characteristics of the data and problem being faced and does not create a comprehensive assessment of the extent that these characteristics cause problems in hiring suitable employees for organizations. The resulting data also does not meet the required organization of data because it is not presented in tables and graphs which can improve the understanding of the problem facing hiring potential and qualified workforce (Creswell, 2009).

Alternative data analysis

A meta-analysis approach could have been more effective in assessing the problems faced by employers and organizations in acquiring qualified workforce. A meta-analysis presents an assessment of many quantitative studies on the field of study which could have provided more insightful results and possibilities for the study. Many studies have been carried out on the problem over the years. These studies could have helped establish a trend in the hiring process of employees and could also have contributed to reducing bias in the current study which is only based on current information that does not reflect what has been happening in the process of hiring competent employees. Meta-analysis could have been used to establish the variation of the problems that employers and organizations are faced with in employing competent workers. The narrative review which was carried out in the study is at large subjective and does not have the representation of the problem faced by all organizations. Meta-analysis instead can apply objective formulas and can be used across different studies and situations which are experienced across the labor industry. Meta-analysis could have been used to establish which interventions work and which interventions work better in improving the ability of organizations to recruit better employees (Creswell, 2009).

Case study approach used in the study should instead have been replaced with a meta-analysis data analysis approach. Case study approach has a very high number of disadvantages and challenges which will hinder the collection of quality data. Case studies have limited data representatives due to narrow focus whereas generalization is also difficult when using case studies in a study. The case study also should be replaced by a meta-analysis approach for this study because case studies can have errors because of the subjectivity of the people being interviewed. Instead, a meta-analysis should be used because there are few possibilities of subjective memory and judgment. Finally, a case study approach is less effective and expensive approach of carrying out such an extensive research. Case studies are not only expensive, but they are also time-consuming, unlike meta-analysis in which it is easy to compare quantitative studies that were previously carried out. Also, there is no limitation of the number of studies to be considered in the Meta-analysis approach whereas data analysis using case studies is limited because of the cost of the study and the time to be taken (Creswell, 2013).


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