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According to Belch and Belch (2009), one of the biggest challenges that marketing departments face is the identification and reaching of their target audience. Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right target audience at the right time. As much as it may be easier for some companies, Ogden faces complications in implementing its marketing strategies. Ogden publications boast 13 different titles that cover various topics and issues. All the 13 magazines are set for different target audiences because some talk about motorcycles, others about Natural homes while another magazine is all about politics (Kurtz& Boone, 2010). The challenge, therefore, is identifying and presenting the Ogden look to the market. Therefore, the main priority is the integration of the different magazines and creating one big brand that they can all fall under. Ogden needs to have a brand that customers can relate to and become loyal to. To achieve that, Ogden is to embark on vigorous promotions, events, and ad sales. Ogden also plans to increase the traffic on its website and to raise awareness about each magazine. The other customer touching point for Ogden is its communication with consumers. Of course, through a medium such as a website, Ogden can increase the intensity of communication between them and the customers who can know more about the magazines. Furthermore, the promotions and ad sales can also ensure that users find out more about Ogden publications and what they offer. As much as the use of the website to communicate may be effective, there must be an appropriate application of content, design style, and editorial voice.

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Ogden Publications choose to employ different methods to reach its customers. First of all ensuring that all the staff members are on the same page is important. The publication uses the use of electronic new letters to inform everyone about the activities that are going on. In the same way, the publication house expects to employ the same strategy to communicate with its investors and regulatory bodies that watch the market. Ogden intends to be smart in its strategy and start small then evolve gradually. The focus will be on the standard of design including the color and layout of the website.


While marketing is aimed to attract consumers, most of the times the consumers are skeptical. However through consistent marketing communication trust can be developed between a brand and the customers (Gospe, 2008). Therefore, with more trust consumers will be loyal to a brand which in the long run will increase sales and profits. As far as competitors are concerned, brand loyalty will give Ogden publications a competitive advantage. Most competitors benefit from consumer confusion to attract them and steal them away from other brands. Integrated marketing communication takes away all the confusion because of its consistency. Percy (2008) states that the process of marketing involves a cohesive bundle that keeps the message sent to consumer simple and clear. Therefore, Ogden publication can maintain its customers and attract more and in the process increases its market control. Integrated marketing can give Ogden a competitive edge because it can be more efficient. Its effectiveness is because it makes the message compelling through consistency and repetition. When the company consistently communicates using different channels, the message is also reinforced, and therefore, it becomes powerful. The competitors, therefore, will have a difficult time trying to win over the customers who have well understood and received the message regularly.


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