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I had an interest in the nursing and medical field since I was young. Nursing is a career I felt would be very fulfilling. It would give me multiple rewards. It is a very demanding job with new challenges every time but due to passion, I was willing to venture into it. I had an interest in helping and taking care of patients. My family background inspired my passion of becoming a nurse since both of my parents worked in the medical field.

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Nursing is a right profession regulated by various bodies and organizations. There are professional nursing organizations and boards of nursing. The two agencies differ in their functional mandates. The board of nursing acts as a regulator of nursing practice. One of its primary functions is to govern the licensing process of nurses. It makes sure that a nurse attains and passes the necessary examinations before issuance of a license. The nursing exams are very tough, and one must achieve the set target to get a permit to practice. The board also writes laws and guidelines that each nurse must adhere to and follow. It also sets out the consequences and punishment in case someone violates the law.

The board is also responsible for accrediting the various nursing programs. The primary objective of a board of nursing is to protect the patients. Finally, the board is in charge of governing all nurses at all the various levels of care in the country. A professional nursing organization consists of nurses that come together to share information, education, benchmarking and ensuring the wholesome growth of the patients and the nursing profession. The group also adds strength to the voices of the nurses. Finally, the organization acts as an advocate for the nurses by safeguarding their rights.

The nursing profession has its code of ethics regarding the expected code of conduct for the member nurses. As a registered nurse, the provisions of the nursing code of ethics have a lot of influence in my nursing practice. For example, the codes of ethics contain a provision that expects the nurse to collaborate with other health experts and members of public in promoting national, community, and international efforts so as to meet the various health needs CITATION Mar081 \l 1033 (Fowler, 2008). The provision influences much of my practice because each weekend I have to participate in my local community education day. I advise my community members on ways to ensure they live a healthy life. I also join hands with some members in visiting the homes of the sick and taking care of them for some time. The provision also makes me participate in the free general health checkups as a way of improving the lives of others.

The American Nurses Association code of ethics has taught me crucial and distinct professional traits. Accountability, integrity, commitment, and respect are four of the most important traits I possess. I believe I can be able to include them in my interdisciplinary team of healthcare experts. As a nurse, I think I should be held accountable for every action I undertake. I am also very committed to my job of helping my patients. Its the reason I am in the profession. As a registered nurse I believe in respect of the dignity of all people regardless of the persons economic status, social status, health problem, and personal attributes. I am also a nurse with high integrity levels as I am honest with everyone and morally upright. I believe I will be able to pass my attributes my other health team of professionals.

The self-care theory by Dorothea Orem is one which influences my professional nursing practice. Orem stated that people should be responsible and self-reliant for their self-care and that of other family members. She also indicated that personal knowledge of potential health complications is crucial in the promotion of self-care behaviors CITATION Kat03 \l 1033 (Katherine Renpenning, 2003). According to Orem, Nursing is a helping service, art, and technology. The theory fits well into my professional practice in that I do a lot of voluntary helping activities. Its a demanding profession, and not many people can manage to do what I do. I also believe that I am responsible for my personal health care and that of my family members. I also educate my patients and communicate that they should not rely on others for the maintenance of their individual health care.

Florence Nightingale is my historical inspiration. People consider her as the modern nursing founder. I learned much from her nursing career, and I can only work to ensure I make a notable contribution to my society and nation just like her. Her leadership skills in leading a team of nurses to an overseas British army hospital are one of the moments I learn from and cherish a lot CITATION Win09 \l 1033 (Winkelstein, 2009). The army was living in deplorable hospital conditions, but her efforts addressed the situation, therefore, gaining her recognition. I believe I have a significant role to play in the modern world where there is increasing rise of diseases. Each day I make sure I make a difference to a patient life.

The principles of beneficence and respect for autonomy are one of my guiding principles in my nursing career. I remember the case of my immediate neighbor in my estate. The guy was suffering from lung cancer. The worst and most concerning thing is that the guy could not quit smoking even after the doctor told him that he was suffering from lung cancer. The news of that he had lung cancer made him lose hope in life and did not see the essence of quitting smoking since he still believed that cancer means death. The guy got stressed, and he felt he could not explain his situation to anyone. Smoking was his way of relieving himself from the stress.

The feeling that I was a nurse and he was my neighbor made feel responsible for improving his situation. I felt the need to take some action. I talked to him about the issue and offered to give him free counseling sessions thrice a week for three months. I also decided to keep her condition private and confidential. I counseled him about the risks of smoking and the need to undergo cancer treatment since it was still in the early stages. I was very glad that at the end of the three months he had quit smoking and started cancer treatment. His condition is improving and every day I see him is happy to make a difference in his life. I always feel inspired by my action, and I get a lot of satisfaction from that.


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