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As a procurement officer, am proud and engulfed with great joy when I handle my obligation and connect to suppliers in a manner in the right manner and seriously work hard to in all aspects of the procurement settings that provide service through promoting accountability and transparency in managing organizational funds, enabling other assisting staffs to make better decisions for their quality of life. It is my belief that I have been placed on this earth to provide service that is worth accountability and transparency through doing what is right. The experience I have gone through for seven years working as a procurement officer in the ministry of trade has afforded me to be raised among the high ranks very quickly. Through different training have gone through in the procurement sector. This field has given me a sense of belonging. I would not be the happy, compassionate person I am today if I could have pursued anything that doesn’t involve procurement.

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Through the difficult moments of being threatened through bribes to consider unqualified suppliers, working as one of the top-ranked procurement officers has challenged me to dig deep on acting rightly, to what makes sense to my purpose on this earth. With regard to my career path, I had numerous occasions presented to me where I could have chosen the corrupt ways that would have taken me down a path to do what was just beneficial to my financial gain and not the interest of the organization. To me, that wasn’t what I considered being productive as a human being on this earth. Things aren’t supposed to be easy, my belief is that you have to work hard for what you believe inb or it isn’t a true conviction within your soul. This has led to the development of my strong personality that is focused on doing what is right and ethical.

Is Virtue Ethics a Normative Theory?

The normative ethical theory generally gives different moral theories, by each coming up with a prescribed direction on the set of moral rules that a person is able to apply in the process of making a decision whether an action is morally right or wrong in different situations one of the normative theory is the virtue ethics theory, which put concentration on the moral character that pertains to an agent. it is believed that certain character traits are to be possessed, this includes compassion and generosity. Through an example, my personal philosophy has been built on a serious major platform: to ensure that I live a fulfilling life that can help in the improvement of the lives of other people in the society and ensure that I bring a change in the society. I feel that we ought to live without limitations.

I imagine that happiness is a type of compensating ourselves for satisfying our obligations to others. I regularly find that finishing an occupation that others are depending on me to do, gives me more fulfillment than getting a charge out of exotic delights. I frequently hear others say the amount they feel like not working and simply staying at home to unwind. In any case, when they resign, they start saying the amount they have a craving for accomplishing something important in their lives. Genuine pleasure must be found when we satisfy our obligations to others as it is identical to satisfying them for ourselves.

Normative Ethics Deontological Theory

The second type of normative theory is the deontological theory, which focuses on the act that is being conducted, judging the act of being bad or good irrespective of the consequences to be faced. Through the use of an example, my religious teachings as a child instilled in me the awareness to take pause before taking action. I look at decision-making situations using the moral mentality of what is the right thing to do? It is my belief that I have made choices that have taken me to the right place and on the right track for my spirit to move from my physical body to another place of peace. I do not have proof of life after death; however, I do believe that both philosophical reasoning and free will are the vehicles that will strengthen my soul’s purpose before I leave the physical world.

How is Normative Theory Related to Deontology?

The last normative theory is the deontology theory is the consequentialist theory that states that one is to act in a way that creates a positive influence and consequences, you have to work hard for what you believe in, or it isn’t true conviction within your soul. Through many years in the procurement profession, my personality never waived from my ethics, my values, and it afforded me the time to discover what field of service really made me happy in my professional life. This is a result has rewarded me with different financial gains and social benefits on how I relate to different individuals, I have also moved to a higher rank due to doing what is right.

The Benefits of Normative Theory

One of the major benefits of normative theories is that the philosophy is able to build a major platform that is essential in ensuring that an individual is able to bring a solution to a good life. One is able to live a fulfilling life that can help in the improvement of the lives of other people in the society and ensure that change and in the society is ensured, different solutions are able to identify through developing finding new ways in which solutions can be found by judging the good and bad.

Negativity and Positivity of Normative Theory

Lastly, the negativity and positivity of normative theory can be seen through viewing it from a religious perspective. In many religions, there is an idea of paradise and damnation whereby the individuals who do great deeds will continue to paradise whilst the individuals who confer insidiousness will go to hellfire when they bite the dust. This perspective fulfilled the topic of the significance of life as individuals who have confidence in this, have a reason, which is to do as what God wills them to do and to go to paradise. Normally, faith brings in existence in the wake of death where one might discover everlasting fulfillment. Taking everything into account, I think life ought to be lived minus all potential limitations. We live for ourselves as well as for others too. Diverse individuals have distinctive understandings of their optimal life and there is no settled arrangement of qualities that we ought to take after. This makes the normative theory solve disputes and makes the world a better place to live in.

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