Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated by Ferrazzi

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Keith Ferrazzi is one of the best authors as evident through the book never eat alone. The storyline of the book bases on including others to ones success. The book emphasizes that the people around an individual play a crucial role in ones success and greatness in life these people believe and matter a lot to ones life. Such factors are vital to lead one to succeed in life. Many people have a perspective that the environment that one was born is the only key factor that alters and affects their lifestyle. Although Keith Ferrazzi has a different viewpoint towards success of an individual. In addition, the book expounds that one has to reach for others to contribute to his or her success as success is never self-centered. Reaching out to other is important as it helps one refine the quality of relationships, links and networks with the other people in the society. The focus of this paper is to discuss why a person needs improved quality relationships with others, the importance of keeping in touch with others through a positive mindset about networks and ways in which networks advance ones expectations about matters of success.

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A good quality relationship with others is important to ones success based on several reasons. The first reason behind this is that reaching out to people makes one enhance his or her critical thinking. The moments in which one relates and reaches out to work with other people, he or she gains a higher level thinking status in terms of ways through which one should handle situations (Ferrazzi, 2014, 32). Secondly, different people have different Intelligence Quotients (IQ) levels and different ways to handle situations. The above situations give one a variety of options and helpful ideas towards ones success. One also needs to offer help to others as he or she will also need the help of others at one point of his or her life. Inclusion of others in ones success is important as such acts assume acts of soaring high which means reaping high in return. To quote from Ferrazzis book, you should create a large network that both help you and be helped by you.

Another significant lesson from the book is that one should keep the stay in touch mindset. One should have a mindset that allows him or her connect to others on a daily basis in the day to day operations. Just to quote from the book, the author says that, I have a cellphone, a Blackberry and a laptop as tools to stay in touch (Ferrazzi, 2014, 55). To expound on this, the author calls people around him on regular occasions every moment he finds time to do so. In addition, he sends quick noes to the people around him to ensure that he always stays in touch with people. The author further goes to an extent of drafting names of people to call or visit when he visits cities and other places around his reach. He shows the significance of calling people to say hello and check on how they are doing, as such acts play a crucial role in strengthening relationships between one and his or her friends. In addition, introduction of people to other people creates a larger network that often returns one the favor through one way or another.

Another significant factor is that networks give one more than his or her expectations. The author advocates for a lifestyle that does not include of capitalism aspects and environments as some people are way too much selfish with success. From his personal viewpoint, he gives out a lot to people with less expectations of receiving back same treatment (Ferrazzi, 2014, 64). However, one gets back the favor through many more ways through ways such as gaining life experiences and more perspectives to handle problems that one faces in the road to success. To allude to his book, he expresses the importance of one being optimistic through ones friendly relations with others, having a positive mindset of teamwork, and having a good network as such factors add to ones expertise. In this perspective generosity gives one efficient connections. The author uses the above reasons to show the significance of building networks, connections and relationships.


In conclusion, have healthy relationships and networks with other people plays a key role in success. The main reason behind this is that the author of the book Never Eat alone gives concrete evidence to ways in which teamwork is important in ones success. Among the vibrant importance of the concept is that relations build one regarding to ideas and perspectives to handle life situations. In addition, in this perspective, one helps with little or no expectations of similar help or treatment. However, the strategy has shown significant positive results in life as one has a wide network that he or she helps as it helps him of her in return. The above reasons show the significance of networking and relationships in life.


Ferrazzi, K. (2014). Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time Hardcover. Crown Business: Broadway. (Print).

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