Narrative Essay on Tantalizing Situations

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Being in tantalizing situations, people tend to lose their grip on making the right decisions. In such experiences, people are bound to make grave mistakes which can lead to endangering of their life and for other people. We are expected to be alert and steadfast in identifying the right course of action that can save the situation from becoming worse. The paper shall focus on an unforgettable experience that I encountered, and the mistake that I did that probably led to harm on other victims found in the same spot.

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One morning I had been sent to the store to purchase a loaf of bread by grandmother. Reaching the store just close to the entrance, two men were standing with a newspaper at hand like people who were reading through. Looking at them, I doubted their posture since people could not be reading a newspaper while spying on the customers to the store. However, it was not a big concern to me. I made my purchase, and on my way out, the same men came into the store. They started to shout everybody on the floor before we kill someone! one man tried to pull one of the robbers with a gun to the ground to sabotage their mission, and before he was successful in his attempt, I grabbed the opportunity to rush out. One of the robbers saw me and our eyes met. At that instance, I did not know what to do. My mind accompanied by the adrenal rush directed me to run home. I found my grandmother and told her the whole story. She was so disappointed in me for not approaching the law enforcement agency, who could have helped with the matter.

In future, I could handle similar incidences by first contacting the police or other organizations that can assist in resolving the issue. Maybe some people lost their lives, and its because of my ignorance, and I would not allow that to happen again. The authorities should be the first people I report the incidence to since they are vested with power and have resources and skills to combat the situation. It is important to notify other persons whenever I see suspicious people. The report would help in the control of the situation before it gets worse. For instance, I would have warned the storekeepers of a suspicious group of men standing at the entrance. If someone could have been hurt due to my mistake, it would torment me for not being vigilant and avoid the right protocol of reporting an incidence within an area. The decision I made before in that situation was inappropriate, and I cannot repeat the same. If the robber I looked into the eye could have shot me, I could be dead by now or in an appalling situation at the hospital or maimed at home in a wheelchair.


Since that day, I realized that any incidence should be reported to the authority to take the proper action. A similar group of robbers repeated the same incident, and this could be attributed to the fact that I did nothing previously when I should have reported the matter. Its our collective responsibility to keep the society safe by reporting such cases to the authorities.

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