Narrative Essay on Long Term Professional Aspirations

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If anyone were to ask me what I always wanted to be when I grow up, I wouldnt hesitate before I said, a mechanical engineer. Growing up, boys tend to have a high affinity for cars, planes, and spaceships. It is how we are brought up; the toys we are bought for by our parents, the movies that fascinate us and the sports we indulge in, all tend to be punctuated my motors. It is almost as if parents channel us into hobbies and careers. However, this was not the case for me. Ever since I was four, I had a strange desire about motors. My desire was not in just owning toys; it went beyond that. I had this profound interest in knowing how they operate, their designs, mechanics, not forgetting speed and their efficiency. It was at that point, I realized I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, and I was in luck because I grew up liking Mathematics and Science which have been my all-time favorite subjects.

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My area of interest is mechanical engineering. My long term professional aspirations include being one of the greatest mechanical engineers ever to walk the face of this earth. I aspire to design cars, planes, and spaceships only seen in fantasy movies. I have always had this picture of the next level generation of motors that would be classy, efficient and less harmful to the environment regarding pollution. Designs that will be tailor made to fit the interests and personalities of my clients. For the longest time now, cars have always been seen as a means of transport, but I want to redefine that. Designs that will be more of a fashion statement and representative of the owners preferences without compromising on the quality.

Secondly, as a professional mechanical engineer, I aspire to come up with cars that will be less prone to accidents. A lot of lives are lost every year to road accidents, and this is one area I will work on. The facts on motor accidents are worrying, if not petrifying, and I will make it my personal goal to minimize that. In the year 2007 alone, the nation lost over 13,000 citizens in the name of road accidents. As if that is not enough, every forty minutes, United States of America loses a citizen due to motor-related accidents. Therefore, every day in America, 27 people perish on road carnage. You do not need to be an analyst to tell that these statistics are far too much worrying ("Road Crash Statistics"). I intend to make it my personal mission to design safe cars.

Through research on journals, newspapers, motor magazines and one-on-one talks with skilled mechanical engineers from different companies, I know what it takes to be one. They have acquainted me with the relevant information concerning the same and brought me up to speed with current job opportunities and requirements. I know what it takes to hold the title Mechanical Engineer, and I have made it my lifes purpose to achieve the same. My varied coursework and skills set acquired in past job experiences are all in line to get me my dream job ("Mechanical Engineering Degrees & Careers | How to Become a Mechanical Engineer"). On May 2016, I obtained an associates degree from Washtenaw College community, and then in September of the same year, I transferred to Eastern Michigan University where I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology. I currently intern at Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, which has offered to retain me until I graduate from EMU. I cannot thank them enough for familiarizing me with mechanical engineering and giving hands-on experience.

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