My Professional Goals for a Graduate Geology Program

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During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a lifeguard. I have passion in the wellness of human being, and I always worked towards helping people deal with situations that undermine their well-being, specifically their lives. The study of Geology opened up my mind on how people live in risky areas without knowledge of the dangers adjacent to them. For example, working with .. Organization helped me to understand how a Geologist can save many lives by educating people about the hazards in their environment and how they can deal with them. Also, it was significant to me how people should be trained on shifting from their homes during certain seasons because some natural disasters such as landslides and rockslides are affected by weather and climate. I believe this basic understanding of the natural disasters and the experience I gained working as a lifeguard and in .. Organization has laid a firm foundation that will enable me to pursue and accomplish a graduate program in Geology.

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My professional goals for a graduate Geology program are two-fold. First, my short-term goal is to work with various governmental and nongovernmental organizations so that I can examine areas of high risk for landslides and rockslides and design methods or alternations to the landscape that will mitigate the risk to the public. My long-term goal is to work in a position that allows me to spread knowledge and awareness of these risks, alerting the public to these sorts of dangers. To achieve this, I need to have advanced knowledge and expertise in Geology so that I can be able to comprehend complex phenomena and disasters that affect peoples lives. I believe that a graduate Geology program will equip me effectively, and it will link me to my professional goals and targets.

I am expecting that a graduate Geology program will broaden my knowledge and level of thinking and problem solving. It will also provide me with a chance to have access and to utilize advanced tools and techniques that are necessary for mitigation of the natural disasters caused by landslides, rockslides, and earthquakes. I am expecting to gain from my fellow peers who will be undertaking the same graduate program through socializing and exchanging ideas. Interacting with people from various backgrounds and cultures will be paramount because it will help me to understand how different people in different parts of the world understand and deal with natural disasters. I like brainstorming, and I am hoping that by joining Geology graduate program, I will engage my peers in various brainstorming activities so that we can come up with new ways of solving Geology related problems.

As I gain from the program, I will bring in my experience that I gained while working as a lifeguard and as an intern at organization. I will share with my fellow scholars the skills that I gained in the analysis of post and pre-natural disaster and emergency management. I will also bring in enthusiasm in learning by promoting group discussions with people from various cultural backgrounds. I am confident that this experience will be beneficial to my fellow peers especially those who come from areas with regular landslides and rockslides.

After a thorough analysis and careful considerations, I have chosen to send my application to .. University because its vision and mission perfectly match my personal and professional goals. From my research of this graduate program on the University website, I learned that this particular university focuses on research work hence it will enable me to have a detailed understanding and first-hand experience as I work with well educated and experienced professors. Also, I chose this University because it is well equipped with advanced technological equipment that are necessary for my understanding of my Geology career.

By studying a graduate Geology program at this university, I believe I will be able to apply the advanced knowledge of Geology to help mitigate the loss of life caused by natural disasters through preventive measures. Also, by the time I complete this graduate program, I am confident I will have gained an in-depth understanding of Geology so that I can apply this knowledge and skills in my career, effectively.

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