My Opinion: Is Robert Dursts Guilty?

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Robert Alan Durst was born on April 12, 1943, in the United States. He was born from a wealthy New York City family. He is an heir to a real estate owned by the family. He was married to Kathie Durst to which he was accused of killing her. Robert has been charged with various crimes some of which are under investigation. In March 2015, he was arrested in New Orleans for murder related to the disappearance of Susan Berman, and the murder of his neighbor Morris Black in Texas in 2001.

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I think Robert Durst is guilty. In this case, he is responsible for the deaths of more than one person. It is so improbable that people from different places can accuse one person of the death of their loved ones without some facts in the allegations, as is the case for Robert. Firstly, in 1982, her wife Kathie disappeared when she was close to free herself from controlling. Durst seemed less concerned, as four days after the disappearance of his wife, he had not reported. The news of disappearance Kathie came into the public domain after her friends were concerned, and they did an investigation, only to find her dead in Westchester County. Robert could have been hiding something and probably he was involved in the death of his wife. Secondly, on March 14, 2015, Durst was arrested by the FBI in connection with the Susan Bermans death. On Christmas Eve of 2000, Susan was found dead in Los Angeles pool. A single gunshot to the head made it look like it was a gang attack. The reports from the New Yoke Police showed that they had been in touch with Berman about Kathies cold case, making him also a suspect in the disappearance of Susan. In September 2001, pieces of Dorothy Ciners neighbor Morris Black were recovered, 71 years of age started washing ashore around Galveston. No head was recovered, and a trail of blood was found leading from Blacks apartment to Dorothys. In this, he is a suspect since Robert turned up in Galveston, dressed like a mute woman, moved into an apartment in Texas. Moreover, recent activity and the film portrayed, justified him of being guilty of the crimes that he has been accused. Once he was released, he managed to run into illegal issues more often and into very silly and stupid crimes. For instance, in 2014 Durst entered a Houston CVS drugstore and allegedly exposed him and urinated on a rack of candy. Two high-profile film projects have captured the life of Durst on the screen; The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst and The jinx. On March 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, fearing that Mr. Durst was about to flee the country, arrested him at the JW Marriot Hotel, where he had registered under an alias. During the search, they discovered a handgun. It was illegal for him to possess a firearm since he was already a criminal. He was close and part of New York real estate to illegally possessing a 38-caliber revolver. At one instant, Durst pleaded guilty in the New Orleans court.

Following the unending accusations and proof of evidence exposed, I believe Durst is guilty.

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