My Goal to Become a Human Resource Manager

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My man dream in regards to my career becomes a is to become a human resource manager in the long-term and be able to facilitate safe working environment and relationships among my employees. This is important to me because, in the long run, I would love to work with staff who work in an atmosphere where they can deliver quality services without having concerns about their supervisors. Having said that I would first enroll in college and secure a human resource degree which will be a springboard for me to get a job in the HR sector. I plan to complete my degree course in a span of three years from now. Given the competitiveness in the market at the moment I would strive to get something presentable to employers when I am out of college. I believe I would achieve this given the fact that have little commitments, therefore, I can concentrate more on this field and thus I expect minimal issues apart from the common obstacles faces while they are undertaking a human resource management course. I believe this short-term goal shall not go past three years within which I will have graduate and be in the market for an HR job.

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After getting my degree, I will now be in a position to seek employment in this particular since it is the only thing I wish to do job wise. Being a graduate securing a job will be my long-term goal since it could take time given the competitive nature of the career and the need for experienced personnel. To do this, I must establish my name get a reputation for myself especially in this particular field of HR. Making contributions and working as an intern are some ways through which I can make a name for myself in this particular area.

Aside from that I shall also enroll in graduate training programs to FastTrack my career developments and be in a position discharge my HR skills efficiently to the organization. As graduate being a manager does not come easy, and I give myself a period of two years to work under and experienced manager as I learn more this particular individual. This is an important part of gaining knowledge in this area plus gaining experience on how things are done under different situations as an HR.according to me this is an accurate plan on how I expect things to go from the onset of me getting into this field. Given the fact that this area is broad I might consider choosing a department in it as long it is related to the career I am interested.

To achieve my career goals, there are certain aspects that I as a person must change if I am to succeed. This will include my behavior dress code and the manner in which I communicate to the people. I must also be swift and fast to make intelligent decisions regarding recruitment and selection of the suitable employees to serve for the organization. My short-term goals of learning about HR is connected to the long-term goals as they give the long terms the necessary skill required for one to succeed in this field. Without achieving my short-term goals, I might not be able to succeed in reaching my long-term goals as a human resource person.

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