My Elementary Education Masters Degree Experience

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When I joined this university for my masters program, I was afraid of what lay ahead of me. However, upon enrolling, I realized how interesting the program was going to be. I met new people, made new friends, and increased my levels of understanding and comprehension of concepts in elementary education. Having no prior experience in teaching, my goal upon enrolling for my masters was to ensure that I get the necessary skills and knowledge that will help me impart education to my elementary students. I wanted to see myself having all the qualification and experience required for helping students in primary classes get an understanding of the fundamental concepts of English, math and other subjects that I will handle. The professors were fantastic while my classmates taught me about cooperation and its importance for success. In the initial stages of the course, I was able to learn a lot and, therefore, experience more of elementary education that when I joined. Specifically, the following is the wealth of experience that I managed to get during my spell in the Elementary Education master's degree program.

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Throughout my masters program, I have learnt the importance of employing the various teaching techniques in my class. In this regard, I have known to use all types of teaching methodologies ranging from class participation, demonstration mechanisms when class participation does not work, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these, dictation, among others. Additionally, I have learnt the importance of the use of audio-visual methods in helping students get the concepts that are required. Before I started the masters program, I was not aware of the major techniques of making the elementary students understand the ideas. However, through the various professors that took me through the program, I am now mindful of the fact that; if one method of teaching does not work, I should not rely on it. Rather, I should use the methodology that will help me get the desired results irrespective of how weird and demanding it is. For instance, if the use of class participation does not make the primary students understand the mathematical concepts, then I should resort to the use of audio-visual means, which would give me the results. This was one of the greatest lessons that I got from my participation in the Masters program.

The importance of understanding the different capabilities of various students was another experience that will help me in my teaching profession. I this case, I learnt that different students would require the use of the various techniques for them to understand. Additionally, elementary students will have to take a longer time than the other adult students do in understanding the different ideas. Although the concepts might look natural, they are nevertheless, difficult for them since they do not know about them. Understanding the varying levels of understanding will enable me to use the methods that are suitable for each of the elementary students instead of generalizing all them. Further, patience is another aspect of teaching that I captured from the entire Masters program. In every teaching session, I must be patient with the students. Any hurry would leave them with no comprehension of the information that I will give them. This program was great as it offered me the best teaching concepts that I will apply to achieve the objectives of that particular lesson.

I had this attitude towards teaching that it was a very natural thing to do since I had my bachelors degree. However, for those months that I been undertaking my masters, things have changed. On the contrary, I have learnt that teaching is just as complicated as any other profession. For instance, in teaching elementary students, I have realized that I must associate with them. Correctly, I must understand their thinking and things that they like most. This way, I will be able to blend with them and therefore, assess the best methods that I can use to make them get the necessary concepts in their childhood. Indeed, I now love my teaching profession that I did before I joined this university for my masters. I have learnt to appreciate what I do and love it while dispensing my mandate with laughter and passion. More importantly, I have come to understand that without passion, I will not succeed in elementary teaching.

To conclude, respecting the other teachers in another concept that shaped me and changed my beliefs in elementary education. From my first day in my masters program, I have learnt a lot, which will help me, as I get involved in the real teaching practice. I have had all the theory I needed, and now I feel more confident to use this knowledge with my students. Concisely, the program has increased my knowledge and experience towards the teaching of elementary students. Going forward, I hope to use this experience to do better in my career and indeed, reach greater heights in elementary education.

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