Multidimensional Poverty Index

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a) A patient's state of health

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To establish the existence or degree of the ailment of a patient key measures of temperature, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate are imperative in providing vital information about the state o health of a patient (, 2016).

b) The speed of an athlete

Testing the speed of an athlete is measured over a marked track. The instruments needed is a timing gate. An athlete starts running from a standardized starting position and time it takes to run through the marked track recorded. The acceleration and peak velocity are then determined. The measure for the first few meters can be used as a start score for acceleration and the time to cover the last yards to the finishing line used establishing maximum running speed (, 2016).

c) The output of a factory

The output of a factory is determined based on the levels of inputs employed by the factory. This can be expressed as a ratio of inputs over outputs to express the efficiency of utilizing the input. Such an index is useful in developing models that lead to optimal utilization of inputs to maximize output levels (Sarmiento, n.d.).

d) The productivity of a nurse

Measure of daily working hours, number of patients attended to within that particular hours, hours ready to work on part-time basis.

e) The feed conversion of 10,000 broilers

The feed conversion rate of broilers is measured as the ratio of overall feed intake over the overall body weight gain through their growth from one-day-old chicks until their maturity (Ayuk, 2005).f) The production of 500 layers

The production of layers is measured as the number of eggs produced over the number of layers in the farm. This ratio is indicative of the efficiency of production among the layers.

g) The level of poverty in a selected inner-city community.

At the community level, poverty is measured by the ability of the community accessing important social, economic and political amenities. Measures such ratio of hospitals to the population, the ratio of school to a number of children, ratio of the police force to the population, accessibility to water and the dependence ratio within the community (, 2016).

2). Confounding variables.

Another name for confounding variables is third variables. These are variables that were not controlled or eliminated by the researcher. These lack of control impairs the internal validity of the research. This impairment is caused since the confounding variable will impact the relationship between the independent and dependent variables which leads to an incorrect analysis of results (Robins, 1989).


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