Vaccines Crisis of the 21st Century

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Vaccines have always been a major source of controversy ever since they were invented. Opposition has been stemming from diverse groups. Religious groups have, for instance been against the vaccination of children because of the fear that the vaccines might contain harmful pathogens. Some individuals have been exempted from vaccination in the United States based on their faith. Though many believe that vaccination is just a fabrication, the truth is that vaccines go through thorough scientific tests before they are approved (Delany, Rappuoli and De Gregorio).

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Vaccines are administered to the body through injections in the subcutaneous muscle tissues while others are administered orally. Pathogens can still find their way into the body via other body cavities such as the nasal and wounds sustained in an injury. Vaccines help prevent diseases that may be contracted by individuals later in their lives. Vaccines are administered to young new born babies in various countries around the world. Vaccines were first administered to people in order to prevent diseases like Polio, Whooping cough and Tetanus. The concept behind vaccination is the introduction of a mild form of the virus or bacteria that causes a certain disease, triggering the bodys immune system to develop antibodies that will fight the pathogen. The body then develops a protection mechanism against attacks the same disease in the future.

Vaccines have known to help prevent disease contraction for the longest time possible. Vaccines play the role of improving the bodys immunity against preventable diseases. The sole purpose of the introduction of vaccination in public and private hospitals all around the world is to reduce the worlds mortality rate and improvement of the worlds health status.

Anti-vaccination movements have been seen all over the globe and mostly in the United States. These movements are organized by lobby groups and religious organizations that are against the administration of vaccination in children. Mostly the Catholic Church has come out openly to oppose the administration of Polio vaccine in children. They believe that the vaccination program is a big hoax and that may be the world health organization has been injecting people with harmful pathogens in the name of vaccination Polio vaccines have been disputed all around the world in many parts of Africa and Asia. Sources cite that people practically abscond going for vaccination injection, some saying that the medications contains certain heavy metals that can cause infertility among men and women (Ulmer and Liu).

There is need to increase the publics confidence in the use and adoption of vaccines. People are opposed to vaccines because they are ignorant of their importance but are only dominated by the fears of their side effects. Programs should be rolled out to endorse the use of vaccines. Taking a look back into the books of history, the administration of small pox vaccine helped in the reduction of the spread and contraction of the ailment in the 1950s. The importance of vaccines should be told to many people in this day and age.

Safety from contracting preventable diseases is important. Lack of a proper vaccination plan can lead to the contraction of diseases like Whooping cough, polio and tetanus which can be life threatening. The objective of vaccination is the prolonging of an individuals chances of having a healthy life and this should be embraced and not opposed.

There have been cases of people having side effects from vaccines and lawsuits have been served to pharmaceutical companies. These efforts have been fruitless because, most vaccines administered are ISO certified and the medication have been verified by the Food and Drugs Administration.

In conclusion, the government and medical organizations should increase sensitization of the use of vaccines among people in the 21st century. Vaccines are important and they should be administered to all new born babies to avoid infection and contraction of preventable diseases.


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