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The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky the storm is a story that represents the misconception of the American West. The story features characters that are not aware of the American nature. The swimmer the red convertible is a story involving Henry and Lyman, who were brothers, together they bought convertible when they were teenagers, but Henry later owned it fully after buying the share earlier owned by Lyman. This paper will discuss in details the historical and cultural events reflected in the short stories, the difference between these two stories, and relate the short stories to contemporary society.

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The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. As an imitation of the traditional, chestnut ridden western, his change of that creates a hero, hero, and Badman, as well as climactic, de rigueur, are obvious and amusing. In the story, the author illustrates the compartment journey of a youthful aged honeymoon couple, known as Potter a Texas sheriff, and his simple, low-class bride to their house in a place known as Yellow Sky. The two are comforted by rioting Wilson, who is the last badmen, who on becoming aware of the sheriff has taken a bride, holsters his pistol and slumped off in disorderly displeasure.

Eric Solomon develops a satire by attaint that Every donnees of the Western tale are overturned; the shattered forms are empty. The sheriff is not armed honeymooner, the childish old gunman; the abortion of the gunfight. The recognition of this specific satire intent of the Cranes tale seems unquestionable, if a small reductive. Nevertheless, Crane could have selected to parody what was his own time a juvenile and moribund mode-empty form and drivel. The question remains why a leading journal publisher chose to publish a self-limiting parody.

The Red Convertible was written in 1974. The writer narrates how together with his brother his brother they used to have a close relationship; they enjoyed being together until his brother was deployed to Vietnam. The writer misses his brother too much, and he used to communicate with him constantly, the author narrates about the youthful trouble and happy ties he and his brother went through during their teenage period. They parted ways when his brother went Vietnam for war when his brother returns he comes back as changed person. The author tries to rekindle the relationship back, but he fails and destroys the car to symbolize the broken relationship.

The two stories compare and contrast in many ways. For Instance in The Bride comes to the Yellow Sky it involves marriage, the story illustrates how the marshal together with his new bride board a train to the Yellow sky city. Was not beautiful nor was she teenager (SKWARA pg. 79). In addition, from the quote, it is clear that the couples were not young. In contrast, in the story of The red convertible, the story illustrates the love between two young brothers unlike porters love with his bride the relationship between the two brothers came to an end when one of them is called to the army after that he was captured by the enemy.

The antagonism relationship between Potter and Wilson is brought to an end by Potters marriage. As illustrated by the story that when Potter arrives home and explains to Wilson that he is married, the new information completely alters the relationship between the two. The arrival of the Potters wife, of domesticity, completely changes Scratchys Western customs of a fierce and purely mannish world. In addition, the new domesticity cannot co-occur with Scratchys fierce antagonism in his form of the fabled West, which makes Potters life, not just a game; this makes Wilson take maturity way by rightly accepts, I suppose its all off now pg.88. In contrast, the relationship between Lyman and Henry came take an abrupt turn when Henry went to Vietnam War. The two brothers had a cordial relationship with their teenager life. They owned a car together that they used to drive around the country, but in 1970, Henry was called up to join the army. Henry became a marine and joined Vietnam War. When he returned, Henry was frightened and mean as Lyman suggested he was not who he used to be joking and loving.

The theme of water symbolizes death just from the beginning although it is not clear to the reader. In addition, it is not certain that Henry killed himself, or it was by accident that he was carried by water though it is certain that he was killed by water.

Henrys experience in army acts as The Bridge. As it is clear, that Henry was once jovial, joking and close to his family. This transformed him into a jumpy, and reclusive, which means trouper even more chocking. His return from Vietnam characterizes an ordinary mans depressing into madness.

The initial illustration of Scratchy Wilson pokes entertainment at his villain traditional western image. He is a person in a funnel shirt maroon in color, which had been bought with an intention of beautification, and created mainly by some Jewish who were in the East area of New York (SKWARA pg85). Wilson, who is portrayed as Western villain, is insincere, as he cannot become a real man of West by wearing his Eastern fashion. Thus, the author accepts but underrates Western masculinity and makes it a myth.

In the of The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky the storm, Represents the myth of the West, Bride despite its parodic depressing of an insignificant famous youthful custom, was a reflection of what was in 1898 of a significant and much broader matter. The revolution of the myth of the West America myth not in realism but by a different justifying and empowering extension of the Eastern, in addition, Bride also symbolizes the victory of the bourgeois culture over an original one. This is because American bourgeoisie was criticized and affirmed by rival what Peter Gay referred the merciless Avant-gardes..was scorning the bourgeoisie as grieving of the taste passionate for capital and aggressive to cultivation. toward the end of the nineteenth century.

In conclusion, the two stories presents love into two different perspectives since The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky the storm potters marriage brings to an end the antagonistic relationship between him and Wilson. While in The convertible, the relationship of the two brothers ended completely when Henry was, drawn by the waves of the water of the river. In addition, the two stories almost everything the author uses seems to symbolize something. For instance, water presents death while Bride symbolized the victory of the bourgeois culture over an original one.



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