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Dressing code is what people are judged with in their first encounter. An individual may portray diligence and capability just by how he dresses. Many jobseekers have been disqualified from interviews due to their dressing. This should therefore raise a sense of right and wrong to people on what they have in their wardrobes. What picture do their outfits depict to people? Do they make them respectable or not? This has raised the need for designers to come up with new clothe lines that satisfy this demand. Miami is an example of a town where designers are really innovative in making clothes that suit different occasions and activities. These include: sportswear, official wear and casual wear. This report will be based on research on official wear.

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A new style of wearing suits has emerged in Miami. It is a style that is now trending. It was seen on many young men. Hermes is an example of a young man who wore it on the menswear runway in spring 2016. Jason Atkins an entrepreneur and chairman of Tui lifestyle is seen in the same outfit in an office. He wore it exactly the same as Hermes. He got very many commendations on this outfit. The upper body part of the suit is comprised of a well-fitting blazer and a round neck t-shirt. The blazer is white with grey floral prints while the t-shirt is white. This is a perfect match. This color code alleviates his light skin. The two colors are very essential for official purposes since grey is a dull color. The blazers collar is large enough to be able to expose his t-shirt. The sleeves are long to the wrist which offers good covering to the arms. The blazer is made of a light weight material which makes it ideal for the spring season together with the autumn season. It also reduces bulkiness and eases movement when it is carried by the arms. The t-shirt is very decent and can be worn to offices and interviews. This makes it an ideal wear for men.

The pants are navy blue in color ideal for official wear. This marries well with the blazer and t-shirt. The pants are a little buggy which makes it very decent. It allows free limb movements which make it very comfortable to wear. It is long to just above the shoe an aspect that makes it run straight from the waist downwards. This makes it look good yet it is buggy. Its turn-up has been well folded making it firm enough to rest perfectly on the shoes. It is a material pair of trousers which is the conventional official wears pair of trousers.

This outfit is fit enough to be launched in London where the launch of the product would bring up the need to use the following Promotion mixes. Advertising is a promotional mix followed that comes before media advertising proves to be promising because it highlights the availability of products thereby helping to entice consumers to purchase. The advertising tools include print media, electronic media, billboards, internet marketing for promotion. The print media includes magazines and newspapers where male models pictures would be displayed in a very fashionable way. This would target the reading society. Electronic media which includes TV shows which would display shows of runways of this trend. This would work well in targeting the youth who dont usually like reading newspapers. Billboards will also be setup in the city space where traffic is busy. This would reach out to very many buyers both pedestrians, passengers and drivers. Conspicuous billboards would therefore advertise the products to many people. Internet marketing would be the best of all advertisement methodologies, since it would reach out to the biggest percentage of consumers. Most people in London today access the internet at least every day. Having burners and fashion shows on you tube together with using social media. Examples include; Facebook and twitter to reach out to friends and followers would therefore be ultimate.

Sales promotion is the second mix that would be adopted. In this promotional mix, I would create good deals which would really market this product. These would include: Giving a discount of up to 15% off the price when an individual buys a complete set which consists of the pants, the blazer and the t-shirt. Creating coupons which buyers purchase and stand a chance to win free t-shirt, the coupons can only be bought by those who buy an item from our stores, giving a free pair of socks to those who buy a blazer and a t-shirt and a free handkerchief to those who buy a pair of pants. Lastly, I would give time frames in which the sales promotions would be active. This would work to ensure that the customers buy the product within this period hence increasing the sales.

In conclusion, the combination of these two promotional mixes will be able to increase the sales of the attire. This is because it will introduce the outfit to the public and raise the impulse of the people. This facet will ensure that the public will acquire the outfit hence increasing the market share level. Therefore, it is important for the people to understand that good grooming contributes to the overall image. Hence it is crucial to be able to choose clothing that would tell more about your character and nature.

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