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Who was the Advertiser of Coca Cola Ad?

The Anthem refers to the famous advertisement that was launched in 2016 and gradually received international prominence. The advertiser is The Coca-Cola Company, the largest beverage producer in the world (Riggs 2017). The ad marketed the companys brands in one global promotion. The firm features more than 500 lucrative products worth 21 billion-dollars (Nestle, 2015). It produces over 3000 choices of beverage drinks and operates in at least 200 countries across the world. Some of its outstanding brands include Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani water and minute maid (Kooijman, 2016). The Anthem is not just a TV commercial but also a leading spot in the companys new global marketing campaign Taste the Feeling (Riggs, 2017). It features a series of captivating life moments alongside the original song Taste the Feeling by the Swedish DJ Avicii and the Australian pop-star, Conrad Sewell (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2016). The creativity and the message in this advert are some of the most apprehending factors that are enticing to the audience.

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The Agency

Mercado McCann advertising agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina created the advert under discussion (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2016). The company was formed in 2014 after the partnership between Martin Mercado and McCann World group. It is an international marketing and communication facility that works with clients at the local, regional and global levels. The organization is made of a team of creative and experienced members who contribute to some of the internationally recognized product promotions. One of the founder members, Martin Mercado, has a track record in creating exceptional TV adverts. For instance, he served as the director in McCann Erickson Company where he designed the famous Coca-Cola commercial For Everyone (Kooijman, 2016). The ad was recognized as Argentinas best advertisement in 2013 and was translated in many other markets across the world. Martin has also won three consecutive Jerry Goldenberg awards in the category of Creative of the year in the nation (Riggs, 2017). Conversely, McCann world group is a leading marketing business; hence, its partnership with Mercado produces great works such as the Coca-Colas Anthem. Mercado McCann is also working with Tyc Sports to create its thrilling ads such as Chameleon and Son of a mother.

The Target of Coca-Cola Advertisement

The Anthem is part of the entitys one brand global marketing strategy under the taste the feeling campaign. The promotion targets consumers across the world where the companys products are sold. The items that feature in the commercial include Coke Life, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola, and Coke diet (Kooijman, 2016). Therefore, the multinational organization is committed to promote each of its commodities to specific consumer needs. It focuses mostly on health conscious consumers in the age bracket of 12 and above, who are presumed to be mature enough to make reasonable choices. The Coke zero and Coke diet products target customers with diabetes and weight concerns (Nestle, 2015). The advert intends to change the attitude and communications associated with the items especially in relation to obesity issues (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2016). Additionally, the brand aims at reaching the young people in the international market who mostly consume Coca-Colalife. The products are packaged in different quantities making them affordable to both the low-income earners and affluent consumers. The company has established a strong market base and brand loyalty across the world even in remote areas (Kotabe & Hellen, 2016).

The Message of Coca Cola Ad

The Anthem communicates a message of simplicity to the buyers (Riggs, 2017). It presents the idea that drinking any Coca-Cola product is a simple pleasure that makes every moment special (Nestle, 2015). In particular, it captures daily moments such as ice-skating, first kiss, first date, and hanging out with friends, all connected to the taste the feeling tag line (Kotabe & Hellen, 2016). According to the chief marketing officer Marcos de Quinto, the ad was a powerful venture for Coca-Cola products indicating how people can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories or caffeine. The company believes that its large capacity lies in the ability to satisfy the needs of the clients by offering simple pleasure and refreshment through its commodities (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2016).

Interesting Facts about Coca-Cola Advertisement

The interesting thing about the TV commercial is the alluring lyrics of its soundtrack and the corresponding visual concepts behind it. The singer, Conrad Sewell, uses some of the amazing lines such as We can watch the waves, have a Coke And you sit here beside me...Grab another Coke and let's dive in Oh, my love, there's a song in my soul to attract the attention of the audience. The tagline taste the feeling is featured in the chorus distinguishing it from other songs the business has ever employed in TV commercials. The powerful lyrics are both entertaining and informative to the customer. Listening to them gives the audience the desire to experience the fascinating feeling of drinking a coke (Nestle, 2015). Moreover, the presentation creates a soothing atmosphere of love and intimacy that sticks in the memory of the listeners many days after watching it (Kooijman, 2016). 1t is easy to understand because it captures familiar moments that the consumers can easily identify with. The soundtrack also includes a celebrating tune which reveals the kind of joy connected to consuming a Coke product.

The Creative View on Coca-Cola

The advertisement features a brand new audio signature by Conrad Sewell and a new look for Coca-Cola. It is inspired by the sounds of enjoying Coke such as the fizz, the pop of the cap, and the refreshment (Lamb,Hair & McDaniel, 2016). The video has a compelling storytelling images combined with familiar coke icons (Kotabe & Hellen, 2016). Moreover, it has elements of intimacy and obscurity with Coca-Cola playing the central role to each moment. Throughout the ad, there are four different catchy stories that are made special by Coke. First, there are visible friends who are ice-skating and hanging out, each holding a coke drink and they seem to be in a jubilant mood. Secondly, there is a couple that appears to be on their first date. When they are served with coke, they smile the tension between them fades away. Next, another couple shares its first kiss and in a way they seem to enjoy the moment more by drinking a coke.

The video is characterized by human moments that remove the boundaries between what people are and what they like to do. Coca-Cola takes the center stage in all these moments enhancing the emotions and texture of the images (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2016). It shows how Coca-Cola makes every moment special by adding to the pleasure and enjoyment of each experience (Kooijman, 2016). Taste the feeling is the main message in each of these instances emphasizing the fact that Coke holds the flavor for every moment. The video ends with a celebration tone and all the products are pictured together under one Coca-Cola umbrella.


The reception of the advert was good with many critics admitting that Coca-Cola created an exceptional promotion. The soundtrack has been downloaded by many people. The company recorded a slight increase of 1% in its volumes of sales in the last quarter of 2016 (Lamb,Hair & McDaniel, 2016). Even though the company is still struggling in meeting its revenue targets, the Anthem advertisement has contributed greatly in reviving the market and the competitive edge for the brand.


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