Expository Essay Example on Retention of the HR Function Within the Organisation

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3 Ways HR Activities Support the Organisation and Enable It to Meet Its Goals and Business Objectives

Human Resource Department plays an important function in the organization. HR department determines the personnel requirement of an organization and policies and programs that support staff development. The department assesses how many employees are needed in an organization, their education, skills, and knowledge. Without an HR department, the management of an organization cannot know the number and quality of staff it requires. Consequently, it can end up hiring a bloated workforce that ends up increasing its operational expenditure. Again, the HR department is required to advise the management on some of the strategies that the organization can use to motivate employees. Motivated employees are more productive. The HR department also designs the structure of relationships among jobs, personnel, and physical factors in such a manner so as to have the optimum contribution towards organizational objectives. The HR department through the manager of staff prepares tasks and allocates the tasks to the employees. It further ensures that the tasks are integrated, and the work of individuals is coordinated. In absence of HR, an organization may find it difficult to allocate duties and responsibilities to employees. To this end, some employees may be given a higher workload which may negatively affect their performance. Once, the tasks are allocated, it is the duty of the HR department through its officers to guide and motivate employees to perform their duties as expected. The HR departments through the personnel manager direct the activities of employees in an organization to have the work done properly. Without the HR Department, there will be no officer responsible for directing personnel.

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3 Ways HR Professionals Support Line Managers

HR professional also supports line managers in many ways. Line managers execute some human resource management functions. They are involved in the process of recruitment of staff. For example, line managers are members of interview panels. HR department officials help line managers to recruit the most suitable applicant for the job. HR department advises the line manager whether to use an external or internal source of recruitment. For example, the personnel manager may advise the line manager to consider recruiting internally because of time constraints. Again, it is the duty of the HR department to advise the line manager on the most appropriate recruitment method for a particular job. For example, if it is an unskilled job opening, it may not be advisable for the manager to advertise the job in newspapers where the company pays a substantial amount of money. The HR personnel also help the line manager to select the right applicant for the interview. He or she also provides guideless for the interviews. Secondly, line managers in many organizations also take part in performance appraisals. They assess the performance of employees working under them. The assessment should be conducted well because it is used for promotions and the development of training needs. Human resource officers develop the measurement instruments. So, they are the best-suited persons to train line managers on how to conduct the appraisals. Again, line managers are the immediate implementers of HR policies. For example, they ensure that employees perform as required. HR personnel clarifies the policies to the line managers.

3 Ways HR Professionals Support Staff

The human resource department helps staff to identify their training needs. One way of identifying that training is through job appraisal. Indeed, the main objective of performance appraisal is self-development. Once, the training need has been identified, it is the duty of the HR department to ensure that the staff is trained and developed. Development is concerned about improvement through training and acquisition of skill that is necessary for proper job performance. The HR department is required to plan in advance the training programs for employees. Some organization sponsors the employees to pursue advanced programs as part of personal development. Others have in-house training facilitated by consultants. These pieces of training are organized through the HR department. Again, the HR department support staff through the appropriate determination of compensation. They do job evaluations to determine monetary compensation for every job. The department also determines the other bonuses paid to employees. So, it supports the staff by ensuring that they are adequately and equitably compensated for their work. Lastly, the HR department ensures that the staffs have good industrial relations with the employer. Personnel managers provide a fair deal to all workers in an organization. They ensure that there is a harmonious relationship between staff and employees. HR department provides an adequate communication system between employers and employees. The concerned parties use these channels to solve their problem. For example, a problem of pay may arise between an organization and its staff. It is the duty of the HR department to carry out job evaluations and advise the staff and management whether the pay demand is justified.

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