Media and Gender Stereotypes

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Gender advertisement is the art of promoting goods and services based on the sex of the targeted groups. This advertisement mechanism is most preferred because the majority of people define themselves by their gender status hence making this theme easy to be injected in advertisement ads. Numerous advertisements contain information on the physical attractiveness and beauty; for instance, the ads that aim to promote cosmetic products, physical fitness centers, supplements, and commercials for clothing. Examples of ads that rely on gender stereotypes include Aveeno Body Lotion for women and Fitness Rx magazine for men.

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Women tend to be sensitive to their skin as it enhances their physical beauty; hence, they are keen on which products to apply on their skins. The advertisers of Aveeno capitalize on this desperation to promote their product through ads that portray beautiful women who have flawless and smooth skin to attract more women into buying the lotion. Also, women are keen on the ingredients used to make beauty products hence will go through the list of ingredients before purchasing a particular product. To meet the satisfaction of their clients, Aveeno is made of pure moisturizing ingredients such as water, glycerin, sodium chloride, and benzyl alcohol. Therefore, the users of this product will not have to worry about adverse effects because the substances used are safe and in moderate amounts.

Aveeno products suit the needs of women with different types of skin and are recommended for women with sensitive skin conditions. They provide a soothing effect and enhance the protective barrier of the skin giving an elegant touch and feel to the skin texture. Aveeno ad is effective in persuading more women to try the product since it fulfills the expectations of women.

The second gender stereotyped ad is the Fitness Rx Magazine for men. This magazine emphasizes on the physical fitness of men and ways on how to achieve the fitness. It includes pictures of masculine and well-shaped men; for instance, men with broad chests and massive biceps. The majority of men would like to have an attractive body that will sweep beautiful ladies off their feet just by a glance. The magazine offers various explanations on how to acquire and maintain this type of a body. It also seeks the statements of qualified trainers who explain total body workouts in great depth and touches on medical, diet, and other vital information.

The magazine offers recommendations on a variety of safe supplements that men can use to enhance their bodies hence they have access to all the relevant information from the copies. It touches on the roles of men in relationships and the personality traits that will make them more attractive to women hence educating and boosting the confidence of its readers. More men will prefer this magazine as it tends to satisfy their curiosity and mold them into better persons. Another factor that makes Fitness Rx magazine the most preferred is that it ensures the provision of accurate and diligent information through clinical researches that are conducted on various issues that affect mens fitness and health. These researches improve the weight of information offered by Rx compared to other competitive magazines.

Both men and women strive to achieve individual goals such as beauty to alter their physical appearances and conform to certain norms. The norms are widely influenced by popular celebrities and models that appear on the covers of magazines and products advertisements. Therefore, use of ads is significant and effective in luring potential clients into purchasing particular products since they are brief and attractive to customers of both genders.


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