MATLAB Usages and Its Important Equations

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MATLAB, which is also a name derived from matrix laboratory is a numerical multi-paradigm that compute environment and language programming for fourth generation. Its development was commenced in the late 1970s by Clever Moler and it spread fast to audiences who partook applied mathematics. Since MATLAB is a programing language that is proprietor and developed by Math Works, it gives room for manipulations of matrix, user interface creating, plotting of data an functions, interfacing with those programs that have been written in other language such as C, Java, Python and Fortran, and utilization of algorithms. Even though MATLAB was intended for computing of numerical, primarily, a toolbox that is optional utilizes the MuPAD symbolic engine which gives room for excess abilities in symbolic computing. In addition to that, Simulink adds geographic simulation that is multi-domain and designs that are model-based for embedded and dynamic systems (Attaway 13).

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The MATLAB application is constructed around the language of MATLAB scripting. A very common usage of the MATLAB is by using the command window as a mathematical shell that is interactive or rather engineering text files that contain the code of MATLAB. The most important object of MATLAB is matrices. Matrices are an array of number. MATLAB provides a wide range of functions that are useful while working with matrices. In addition to that, it has numerous scalar functions that will significantly work element-wise on the matrices. Matrices can be entered into the MATLAB by entering a list of element and further creating matrices with derived functions (Higham et al 67).

MATLAB has a number of important equations which give it the solving function. First and foremost, it is the linear equations. By the use of matrices, MATLAB can easily solve any linear equation easily, simply by allocation and thus it becomes an important equation in solving problems. When it comes to solving many equations, the linear equation is in most cases the one applied through MATLAB the most and for that matter, makes the equation very vital. Second, the important equation is the nonlinear equation. A nonlinear equation happens when two or more linear equations are combined. It is very important as during solving of complex matrices and unknowns, it is a critical step in ensuring that a correct answer is arrived at (Attaway 50).

Another important equation for MATLAB is algebraic equations. The MATLAB function is used in the solving of algebraic equations. In the simplest form, the MATLAB function takes the enclosed equation in quotes. For example, let us solve for X in the equationx-5=0. Solve ('x-5=0').BY the use of MATLAB, the statement will be executed to provide a constant number as the answer. For that matter, algebraic equations are one of the most important equations of MATLAB. Another important equation for MATLAB is the quadratic equations. The solving function of the MATLAB is capable of solving even higher quadratic equations. The root of the equation is returned by the solve function in an array and thus making it easier to solve the equation. All the above equations are very basic in MATLAB as they are a step-by-step process at solving a problem that seems complex and providing a correct answer (Higham et al 112).

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