Mass Media Exploration About the Future of Humanity

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The future of humanity is a topic that is more often than not termed as idle speculation. In this regard, people view this topic as an area where people dwell on speculation to predict, that which is likely to happen in the future (Smart, 116). As such, there is no certainty as to the happenings of the future except that which is bound to happen. The beliefs and assumptions that are made on this topic are very fundamental as they shape the decisions and policies that are devised to shape the future. According to Smart (120), predicting the future of humanity enables people to be better prepared on the predicaments of the future. In any case, one should prepare adequately for the near future, which brings forth several opportunities and challenges. The mass media has explored the future of humanity on different fronts. In this regard, the social sites have predicted many happenings that people are supposed to get prepared for. Some of these predictions have happened while others have completely been a hoax. Specifically, predictions have been made on social media about changes in population (posthumanity), technological development, extinction of some animals and plants, the discovery of new ones, existence of plateaus, etc.

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A posthuman condition is predicted to occur in the future. in the view of Smart (122), This condition holds the view that in 2050, there will be more than 1 trillion people, life expectancy will be more than 500 years, a greater portion of this population will have the cognitive capacity double that of the current human maximum, and the suffering of the human psychology will be rare. Actually, this condition is said to be long overdue.

Mass media has predicted that the future of humanity is under threat because of the increase in life expectancy date, and increase in the maternal rate. However, the land that people live in will just be the same. Precisely, despite the change in other factors, land will be a constant factor that will not very at any particular time. As such, there will be a human crisis that will hit the whole of the world, as the increasing population will scramble for the small pieces of land in existence

The Nature of Housing

Increase humans come with demand for more houses. As such, due to the fixed nature of land, there will be more designs of houses that will be used as a matter of necessity and desperation. Human beings will have a larger intelligent quotient (IQ) that will enable them to devise the measures that will be necessary for their survival. As such, he mass media has predicted that housing will be akin to the figure below.

The Future of Infrastructure

With more people buying vehicles, there will be many vehicles on the road. As such, a gridlock will be experienced since the roads will not be able to accommodate the large number of vehicles that will be in existence (Amey, 1). As such, the roads will be blocked for several days, as it will be impossible for everyone to drive on the roads. In 2050, mass media have predicted that the nature of infrastructure will be akin to the following figure.

Technological Advancement

From the ancient times, the hunter-gatherer livelihoods were the nature of technology in existence. However, this changed as time went by, as well as the introduction of complicated technological equipment and ideas. This is expected to be more in the future as the intelligent quotient (IQ) of the future generation is expected to be twice that of the existing. As such, more technological advancements will be made which will translate to more sophistication. The car of the future will be like a supersonic road rocked according to the users of mass media. Additionally, due to the effects of climate change, it has been predicted that all houses and factories will be fitted with oxygen pumps between the floors so that the toxic gases produced will be oxidized so as to prevent them from harming other people. Mass media has waged into this debate predicting that the following will be the case in the distance future.


According to Smart (130), unless the human race was meant to last forever (depending on ones beliefs), there will come a time when it will become extinct. This is based on the fact that 99.9% of the species that existed on earth have already become extinct. However, the extinction of human species will happen in two ways. First, human beings will transform into more civilized persons, which are very different from those existing today. Secondly, people will simply die out leaving behind no replacement or continuation.

Recurrent Collapse

The current environmental pollutants and wastes that are being produced by the human population are unsustainable in the long run and likely to ruin the future of human civilization. The global climate change, which is caused by the greenhouse gases, will further cause more warming of the earths surface and the rise in the level of waters. With the rate that the change causes, it is likely that the emissions will reach unsustainable levels, which will be very detrimental to the future generation.

To conclude, predicting the future is important in making policies that will help safeguard the future generation. As such, the mass media has predicted many events that are likely to happen in the near and distance future. Some of the predictions are scientifically entrenched while others are a hoax meant to create jokes for the general public- They have no measure of certainty, as they are wild suggestions. However, one thing for sure is: the future will be different from today. In this regard, there will be increased population, intelligence, extinction of species, improved technological advancements, changes in infrastructure etc. All these are just but predictions- the future is unknown.

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