Decision Making In Public and Non-Profit Organization

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Decision making is a field of interest to everyone; economists, psychologists, philosophers, and managers. A fundamental question that drives research in this field of decision making is why people tend to make different choices yet they have been offered with the same options. This kind of question and other questions on decision making are particularly true reflection of how decisions are made under risk and uncertainty. Decision implies that arguments have come to an end and actions have started to be implemented.

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Notably, research that looks into risks and how human behaves in organizations is actually from a desire to help the leaders deliver better outcomes. On the contrary, a good decision does not guarantee better results. Specifically, a growing enlightenment of how to manage risks and understand human behavior improves decision making in many situations. All organizations have people with different personalities and it is the responsibility of a manager to understand why someone behaves in a particular manner. Understanding human behavior enhances management practice both in public and non-profit organizations. Managing human behavior in public and non-profit organization helps an individual to understand, manage and influence the behavior of others at the workplace.

Human behavior in the public sector is as a result of interacting and influences among workers at these levels. It emerges from the complex interactions an individual comes across with individuals or a group of people and the environment-public environment, which all these take place. The management of the behavior in public sectors will always be complex since the interactions involved in there are complex too. Therefore it is difficult to control certain behaviors in the place. The first step to successfully handle the complexity is to understand how you personally behave. We need to know what motivates us and understand the perceptions of ourselves. It is equally important to understand our strengths and limitations. Then understanding the behavior of the group of individuals follows. Finally it is important to understand how they affect the organization and other environmental factors for better ways to accomplish the public objectives. The major key organizational skill areas that need to be given a keen interest are; interpreting and communicating, supervising and coming up with ways for better performance, and flexibility. One interesting thing managers should keep in mind is that workers will do a task if they are paid to do so hence their loyalty, hard work, straightforwardness will be motivated with the regular routine. It is the responsibility of managers to design work tasks and production.

In non-profit organizations, the management is different; therefore, managing human behavior in these kinds of organization will also be different. Organizational commitment is driven by behavioral intentions and motivation force. It has been used to predict withdrawal behaviors associated with work attendance. In nonprofit organizations employees tend to be less motivated since the main goal for the organization is not to make profits. There exists a correlated relationship between nonprofit organizations and lateness and huge turnover ratios. Individual in these organizations are not motivated to work for long hours, including the manager. The presence of the manager always motivate the staff members, so if he or she is not present then work production and results will be very minimal.

In conclusion, attitudes and behavior of individuals are basically determined by organizational commitment which in most cases is not present in non-profit organization. There is a need to come up with alternatives forces to drive non-profit organization to reviewing their objectives.

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