Important of Listening to All Opinions in an Organization

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The opinion of everyone in an organization is vital in leading to the making of the right decision and being innovative (Mui, 2014). Entrepreneurs and CEOs of any organization should strive to encourage dissenters to express their opinion regardless of the view of others and the normality in the organization. Accepting the dissenters express their views helps in boosting innovation and creativity in the way of doing things in the organization. It becomes easy to develop and improve the existing procedures for the better performance of the organization (Khorshidi, Abdoli and Khorshidi, 2010, p. 1219). The productivity of an organization that accepts the opinion of dissenters tends to be higher because employees remain motivated as they know their opinion counts and they feel like part of every activity that takes place in the running of the organization. When installing change in an organization, leaders find it difficult because of resistance and may cost a firm a lot of time and money to achieve its target. Since change is inevitable in an organization, a leader who accepts different opinions enables easy acceptance of change and achievement of changeability among all the employees (Llopis, 2012). Allowing divergent views and encouraging each and every employee to express their opinion also enhances communication and operations run relatively in a smooth way than when leaders discourage the expression of different ideas rather than what is in line with the normality.

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How My Personal Life Relate to Perspective to Run Business

As an entrepreneur, listening and encouraging people to express their opinions have been part of my life. In running a business, my personal attributes of ensuring including everyone ideas regardless of their position has made influencing others to do work easier. In areas that I do not have expertise, I have found it easy to gain knowledge and understanding of the operations (Bouvard, 2016, p. 69). The personal nature of accepting the opinion of others and allowing disagreement and not striving to win in a debate, but getting the best idea as the conclusion has made managing of business easy. Handling of grievances and any of dissatisfaction among the employees seems natural, and a few resistance and dissatisfaction have been reported, something that has been good for the business. Few or no informal groups have also been noted because of the open opinion-based management and less time is spent focusing on dissatisfaction and gives the company a competitive advantage in the market.


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