Managing Emotions: Fallacies

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The fallacy of approval is one of the fallacies that I have chosen in my discussion. This fallacy operates on the notion that it is crucial to get support or appreciation from every individual. This in most cases makes one to sacrifice his or her happiness and stands for the benefit of others so as to pursue them to get their support. Personally, I have experienced this fallacy in my life while working in a local company during the holiday where I sought the approval from my workmates to become their team leader. This was somehow disappointing as I had to buy lunch for them every day so that they can endorse me as their team leader. However, I had to honor them in what they do so that they can see I am concerned about them to an extent of accepting things I cannot do in normal circumstances that later presented some feeling of embarrassment. I believe this fallacy has got consequences to me if I fail to address it since it makes me feel apologetic when other people are wrong so as to gain their approval. However, this belief that every person should accept and like what I do sometimes will lead to feeling nervous and resentful.

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The fallacy of should is another type of fallacy that I find conflicting with my emotions. This fallacy entails the inability to differentiate between the reality and what ought to be. I have been a victim of this fallacy as I complain about various things questioning why should they be the way I want. For example, I think that I should be a prominent person in the society or I should be earning a better salary. It is the wish of everyone to have a good paying job and also become famous in the society, but the inability to fulfill these desires have placed me on disadvantaged end. I have realized the consequences associated with this fallacy as it can distort my happiness since dreaming about the best is not often realized. However, the idea of complaining without doing anything towards your dream may bar you from working to meet the unproductive condition. Lastly, it can result in building a protective climate with the people around you. Therefore, I think it is the right time I stop should and become more proactive to fulfill my life desires.

The fallacy of overgeneralization involves the belief on limited evidence and also exaggerating shortcomings in making conclusions that are based on little information. For example, I recall a situation whereby I failed to attain a good grade at class, and I remember saying how useless am I that I cannot get good grades? This is a conclusion I made though in the previous exams I had a good grade, and I thought I was useless for failing in the examination in a single test. Therefore, I think that this belief can lead to the feeling of disappointment from just a single fault not thinking o f the many achievements that I have attained in life. Over generalizing is often gives false representation as it is based on a single activity that one uses to judge him or other people. I think it is good first to think critical before uttering any negative word about ourselves or other people. People should not forget about their past or use shortcoming to denounce others without a firm understanding of the issue at hand. In fact, the mere reason behind the use of overgeneralization is forgetful of the past experiences that may be worth than what we are complaining about in the present moment.

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