Lucy Gray by William Wordsworth

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1. In the second stanza, Lucy is referred to as a sweet and innocent child. The poet presents Lucy as unsophisticated and a delightful creation of nature. Lucy is living a life of tranquil loneliness on an unfruitful land. She lacks friends to interact with, or any form of companions. Lucy had been sent to the town to bring her mother back home with a lantern. No mate, no comrade Lucy knew; Stanza 2, line 1

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2. Lucys death turns to be mysterious, since the poet had described her journey as joyful as she was jumping like a deer on her way to town, she was dispersing the powdery snow with her feet however when the storm came unexpectedly she lost her way to the hills, and there was no one to rescue her since she was all alone with no friends. Her foot prints lead to the bridge where they disappear meaning she was untraceable. The legend about Lucy is that after her death her spirit is purported to be still living with the people. The wretched parents all that night Went shouting far and wide, But there was neither sound nor sight To serve them as a guide. Stanza 9, Lines 1-4

3. Lucys parents loved her since she was obedient and very innocent. This can be attributed to the fact from the poem that her father would send her to town and pick her mother to bring her home. They went looking for everywhere and grief overcome when they fail to find her. They wept-and, turning homeward, cried, In heaven we all shall meet, Stanza 11, lines 1 and 2

4. Lucy might have lost her tract as she felt her connection with nature since she had no other friend or companion. When the storm came unexpectedly, her tracks were cover up, and she got trapped in her own cocoon where she may have felt comfortable alone since she had already gotten used to it. Yet some maintain that to this day she is a living child; Stanza 15, Lines 1 and 2

5. The alternative title of the poem Solitude is appropriate since the poem entirely focuses on the life of Lucy, who lives as a loner in the society with no friends to interact with. She mysteriously disappears, and she is untraceable since she is used to living alone and had no companion to save her when the storm comes unexpectedly. The solitary child. Stanza 1, Line 4

6. The poem is made up of 16 Quatrains.

7. The poem is characterized with the rhyme scheme of abab, whereby the first, as well as the third line of every stanza, are in iambic tetrameter while the second and the fourth have iambic trimester. There is a regular rhythm. You yet may spy the fawn at play, The hare upon the green; But the sweet face of Lucy Gray Will never more be seen. Stanza 3, lines 1-4

8. The characters in this poem are Lucy, her two parents and the other members of the society in which Lucys family lives. Yet some maintain that to this day She is a living child; Stanza 15, lines 1 and 2. The setting of the poem is based on a description of Lucy Grays devastating death. She is described as an innocent child who lives in a wild moor with her parents. Lucy has no friends nor companion, and her father sends her to town to pick her mother. She took a lantern but on her way was caught up in an unexpected storm and was buried in the snow. Despite her death, some people still thinks she is alive. The plot is based on a lonely girl who is innocent and beautiful but disappears one day on her way to pick her mother from town. The conflict in the poem is the struggle that Lucys parent and other members of the community undergo living in denial that Lucy is still alive and living as well as walking on the hills. Oer rough and smooth she trips along, And never looks behind; And sings a solitary song That whistles in the wind Stanza 16, lines 1-4


Comparison between TJ from Antaeus and Roger from Thank you Mam

There is a close comparison between TJ as a character in Antaeus and Roger as a character as in Thank you Mam. TJ is very ambitious to attain his goal of owning a piece of land. However, now that his family has moved from The South to the North in search of employment this proves to be a challenge. On meeting his friend who introduces him to a local teenage gang he tries to convince them to start up a small garden on the roof of the factory. This, at first, is met with opposition from the gang members who consider farming as a tedious job, unlike TJ, who had an acre of cotton as well as an acre of corn back in Alabama. After much effort, the gang accepts his proposal, and they fully support the idea, however upon planting the grass the owner of the factory discovers their hideout and orders the soil to be removed this shutters their dream of ever owning the piece of land. TJ feels demoralized by the fact they are not going to have the piece of land but walks away with a sense of victory as he chews a blade of grass that they had planted. On the other hand, Roger is very ambitious to own a pair of blue suede shoes, and he is ready to do anything to afford it. This lands him to in trouble when he tries to snatch Mrs. Jones handbag. However, Mrs. Jones took him to her house feed him and gave him money to buy the pair of blue suede shoes. In both scenarios, the characters were too determined to achieve their goals even through mean that landed them in trouble.

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