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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom which was described as a great empire. It was ruled by a king named Shaha who was the powerful man who would not hesitate to banish anyone that betrayed him. This kingdom went by the name Shahan and had few towns which were inhabited by all kinds of people, from the poor and weak families to the rich and wealthy families.

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One day when the sun was bright and the weather warm, the king was walking with his dear friend and trusted minister, Tem discussing the improvements in the kingdom and the peoples situations. The people in Shahan kingdom were independent and very respectful. They loved and appreciated their king for all the opportunity he had given them.

The king was married to the very beautiful woman named Lara; he had liked her from the moment he saw her in his monthly check for the town safety two years ago. When he had first seen her, he asked his minister Tem to look for her and collect every possible information about her. Five days later after intense, Tem found very interesting information about the girl. He went to talk to the king about what he found.

In his main office inside the huge palace, the king was reviewing some of the letters he had received from the neighboring countries. While he was in depth of reading the door knocked

Shaha: Enter, please.

Tem: Good morning your highness.

Shaha: Good morning Tem, you do not need to be formal, you are my best friend.

Tem (with a smile on his face): What a humble king.

Shaha (is laughing): Thank you, now what do you have for me?

Tem: The girl you saw last week (he noticed an interesting look on the king face) I found a few things that I do not think you are going to like about her.

Shaha (with a confused look on his face): What do you mean? Tell me what did you find out about her?

Tem: Well, her name is Lara, and she is 32 years old, her family is not originally from here, and her parents passed away, and she is with her older brother Jack. Who is working in the factory? He is a cruel and selfish man who will do anything for the money.

Shaha: Okay, what his sister has to do with all that?

Tem: I am afraid she has the same manners as her brother.

Shaha: Do not judge people without knowing them Tem, I like this girl, and I think I am going to marry her, I am 45 years old now, and I do not want to spend the rest of my life alone.

Tem: Dont you think you are rushing things too fast?

Shaha: I think that I want my marriage to happen as soon as possible, could you please manage to do everything in two weeks?

Tem: If you are comfortable with this decision, then I will do my best to organize everything in two weeks.

Tem went to Laras house and told her about the kings proposal which she happily accepted. They got married in a wedding which everyone was really excited about and soon the day was over. The king went on a holiday with his bride leaving the kingdom in Teds care.

Life continued and the days went by. Two years later after their marriage, Lara changed and became very demanding on everything. She could argue with the king and everyone making the palace hell for people inside it.

One day Tem found that Lara was having an affair with someone. Tem decided to confront her about before he could tell the king. He found her in the back gardens of the palace.

Lara: I do not want anyone around me, what do you want?

Tem: I want to talk to you. It is very personal but I need to know what is your reasons and how will you defined yourself before I tell the king.

He told her about his discovery, and she did not deny it or even became sorry for it. Tem went ahead and told the king about it which made king Shaha divorce her.

After a while the king started marrying and divorcing almost immediately, therefore he would get married today and divorce the next day which became a routine for a period of time.

One day a group of girls gathered by the king guards to meet with the king so he could choose one of them to be the next wife. The king choose a girl named Sira, and at midnight she told the king an interesting story about a poor boy who had found a magical jug that helped him to become the strongest and wealthiest man, the king was very interested in the story but she could no complete it because she fell asleep.

In the next night, the king asked Sira to continue telling the story, she began to describe to the king how the magical jug created a new world to the poor boy but again she fell asleep and left the story uncompleted. The king kept loving and asking for Sira about the story day after day. She becomes the wife that the king never wanted to divorce because he was attracted to her stories. Sira had wisely managed to stay in the Kings life to tell very wonderful stories to the king and their children.

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