Let`s Get Up and Be Saved

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Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist from Joplin, Missouri. He was captivating writer and could easily grasp a reader especially with how he could treat such serious matters with amusement, as in his article Salvation. Unfortunately, at an early age of twelve, Langston suffered emotional trauma from society and his family as they made him accept and practice something that was far beyond his reasoning, nonetheless Langston pretended to be saved (paragraph 11). Just like Langston, there have been times I have been pressurized to accept and practice a particular religion or belief that I may not consider my own.

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It was back in the evening of February 7 2009, rain was pouring down heavily with thick clouds covering the night sky but was occasionally brightened by lightening. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise from my children`s room; it sounded like an earthquake. I rushed into my kids bedroom, behold there lay my son on the floor. I called him by his name but to no avail. I quickly carried him and we made our way to the emergency room at the hospital, where a doctor would see him. I tried to stay calm the whole time as I meditated. Even though I was gripped with fear, I still kept a positive attitude. The doctor checked him as well as ran some test on him and gave him some medications. My son at this time had lost his speech. After several months of speechlessness. My mother-in-law in trying to convince me my son would get healed she forced me to accept her religion. Just like Auntie Reed preached to Langston, where he said my aunt told me that when you were saved, you saw a light and something happened to you inside and Jesus came into your life ( paragraph 2), my mother-in-law preached to me. My mother-in-law told me if I wanted my son to be healed, I should join the Cherubim and Seraphin Church She said the holy spirit would visit me and I would have extraordinary feeling and start speaking in tongues. We were about ten women called the new convert just like Langston and others were seated at the mourners desk, ( page 2, paragraph 7). When it was time to sprinkle water, everybody became filled with the spirit. Women and men were all singing, as the water touched their body, they started speaking in different languages. Some people were speaking in tongues and walking back and forth in the church in a prayerful mood. I kept waiting for the feeling of the spirit to touch me so I could start speaking in tongues. Just like when Langston says still I kept waiting to see Jesus, (Page 2 paragraph 5). I got tired of watching and decided that on my own I would say a prayer quietly as I walked back and forth like the other people. Langston Hughes accepted that he has been saved, just like me. I want to believe that if Langston had not followed Auntie Reed to revival, Auntie Reed would have been mad at him. That is exactly how my mother-in-law would have felt. To avoid problems, I played along.

In another instance in April 2012, my family and I were on vacation in Dubai. On arrival there, my husband said we had to visit a city called Abudhabi, to see Ferrari World Park where they have different types of interesting places and activates. We wanted to enter the grand place. Unfortunately, the Imam told us that in order to enter we had to put on Muslim attire called hijab. He preached to us and had us dress in Hijab. Just like Langston when the pastor was telling him Won't you come? Won't you come to Jesus? Young Lamb, wont you come (page 1, paragraph 3). Like I said, when you find yourself in this kind of situation. To avoid problems, play along and accept the beliefs or religion being forced upon you because it does not mean you share the belief. Truth be told the mind is voluminous, only a person knows what he or she thinks at the moment.

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