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After several considerations, regarding the social control in relations to success in various fields, I decided to Interview Lifya Alifyana, a 27-year-old marketer at I love Indonesia and Indonesian Container Terminal. The decision to interview her was arrived at because she is among the top marketers at her firm and I wanted to find out whether social control played a role in her success. The interview was carried out at her office at the I love Indonesia and Indonesian containers at around 5pm after she was done with work.

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Me: Good evening Lifya, thank you for taking this interview with me

Lifya: Good evening, no problem

Me: My first question is why did you get into marketing?

Lifya: well, initially I wanted to get into entrepreneurship while I was in business school but I was drawn to marketing by a lecturer of mine who thought I would do really well in marketing, after much convincing from him, I decided to get into it and Ive had a passion for it ever since. Im able to meet different people in my line of work and I enjoy it.

Me: How long have you worked in marketing and how many companies have you worked in?

Lifya: I have been in marketing for three years now and I have only worked in two firms. I finished my undergraduate at age 25 and immediately landed a position as an intern at a small family business, I worked there for almost a year where I learned some skills and knowledge needed in the job market, later I got an entry level position at this firm and a year later I was promoted to my current position. It hasnt been easy but Im grateful for my journey.

Me: You mention it hasnt been easy, what are some of the challenges that you have gone through in your career?

Lifya: Being fresh from graduate school, many of my colleagues did not take my proposals seriously; they thought that since I was straight from school that I did not have enough experience to have ideas about the firm. Luckily I had a boss that was very supportive and encouraged me to keep airing my ideas and not get discouraged by the criticisms of my workmates. After several rejected proposals, I finally got my voice heard and now I am taken seriously by all. Also, when I first got into this firm, I was the only female in my department and most of my co-workers didnt think much of me, therefore, I had to work double as hard as the others in order to be seen and heard in my department. This has since changed and the marketing department now has several female workers after proving to them that women also make good marketers.

Me: Tell me briefly about your social life

Lifya: Well, having grown up as a middle child in a family of five, Im pretty much used to being by myself but I have a small circle of friends who I have known for a while we get in touch once in a while to catch up and encourage each other. But most of the time if I am not working I enjoy quiet time reading anything from blogs, books or magazines. I enjoy watching documentaries as well, especially on wildlife. My job, however, calls for me to be a people person and therefore I attend some functions specifically for networking purposes and not to socialize.

Me: Has your social life played a role in your career?

Lifya: Yes it has, my family has always encouraged me to work hard and to never give up, and this has been my life motto to never give up. I have a few older friends who have been my mentors in the marketing field and have given me advice that has helped me in my career.

Me: in your opinion what aspect of social life should people consider important in the marketing field and why do you think so?

Lifya: For a marketer to prosper in the marketing field, one needs to work on his or her networking skills since business is about people and customers are brought in by the marketers the ability of an individual to develop great networking skills is very important.

Me: What do you feel has changed much since you started working and how?

Lifya: There have been several changes in the marketing field most notably the expansion of social media. Social media is now the main mode of marketing for most firms, technology has made it possible for a product or service to either make it or fail in the market through social media since every consumer is now on the web. This change can either be negative or positive, it has increased competition among firms and on the other hand consumers are now more aware and are able to make informed decisions.

Me: could you kindly describe to me a day in your life as a marketer

Lifya: Im an early riser so my day begins at 5am, I begin my day with a 30 min exercise either yoga or I go jogging around my neighborhood after I get back I take a few minutes to meditate which helps me get through my busy day . I have a light breakfast and leave the office at 7 am. I live a few blocks from the office so I usually walk and get there at around 7:30 am. I begin my day by reviewing the days newspapers in order to be abreast with the current events in the country, and then at around 8:30 am I have a brief meeting with my team just to plan the day ahead and also for a brief brainstorming session.

There are days I have meetings throughout the day and on other days Im at my desk getting reports ready or going through proposals from my team. On a good day like today, Im usually done by 5pm but on a really busy day, I get to leave the office as late as 9pm.

Me: Given a chance, what would you do differently about your career choices so far?

Lifya: I would probably get a mentor earlier on in my career life then I would be able to get advice from someone who had walked the same path before and had a lot more experience about the marketing field than I had. think this would have greatly helped me make more informed decisions.

Me: What advice would you give to someone that wanted to get into marketing as a career?

Lifya: I would advise someone to have thick skin, and not be ready to give up so easily. You will get plenty of Nos before you get a yes and this should not discourage you but rather make you stronger and encourage you to keep going. You should also be ready to network and make acquaintances that will build up your career. In this way, you will be able to enjoy marketing as a career. Marketing is a great career path and I would encourage anyone interested in the field to go for it.

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