Managing a Diverse Workforce

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Various differences between employees in an organization may arise due to gender differences, race, age group, education, and personalities. Diversity involves how people perceive themselves as well as others. Since diversity issues affect employees performance in an organization, the management must be able to handle, adaptability, communication, and change in their respective organizations. An appropriate case of an organization that has been faced with issues of gender diversity is The Apple Inc, an American global technology organization with its headquarters in California. This company was established by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976.It manufactures and sells electronic products, computer software and also offers internet services. Some of its products are iPhones, Smartphones, and Ipads

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Gender diversity is a topic of discussion for Apple Inc. The company has a workforce where 70% of its employees are men while 30% are women. These are employees working at the company's retail outlets. In the management and leadership departments, the percentage variance is even worse. A report issued by Twitter indicates that only 28% of the management team is represented by women as men represent 72%.Recent survey research by Yahoo showed that 77% of the management team comprises of men.

Although high performance and more profits are not an automatically direct reflection of greater gender diversity in many organizations, there is a definite relation between diverse leadership and a company's success. Little women representation in both direction and work positions is a problem for Apple Company as this may have a negative impact on satisfaction of employees, customer orientation as well as quality and manner in which decisions are made. Also, women are believed to be excellent in selling and marketing a companys products. Having few female workers in their retail outlets can lower their sales as compared to when females are more.

Gender diversity in Apple Inc may have some effects on employee performance, motivation as well as satisfaction. Female employees may feel like they are not well represented in the management team and this can greatly affect their motivation at work. When an employee is not satisfied, their performance at work is affected and this lowers the overall performance of the organization. Communications and workplaces relations may be hindered by this underrepresentation. Since Information Technology is viewed as male dominated career, female employees at Apple Company may feel like they are misplaced and discriminated against thus affecting their well-being at work

Failure by Apple Inc to correct gender diversity may mean serious negative consequences to the organization. The low proportion of female in this company may result to low sales and hence low sales revenue .There may be a problem of resistance to change in future when the company decides to correct the issue. The male employees and leaders will most likely oppose the change and may argue that the proposed change is not necessary since that is how the company has operated for years. Management decisions may not be quality due to lack of diverse ideas from women .The Company may experience workplace conflicts, communication challenges and lowered employee dedication to work.

In conclusion, it is clear that gender diversity is an issue that needs serious management attention in Apple Inc. This diversity has the potential of impacting negatively on the companys performance as well as the employee well being in their places of work. Serious negative consequences may befall the company if it does not address the issue in good time.

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