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The Positive Influences of the UN in the World

After the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, most of the members were optimistic that the international body would bring about change in most of the problems that were ailing the world. As such, the various bodies of the United Natio...
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2021-04-28 08:37:07

Multiculturalism in Private School Classroom in Dubai

IntroductionThe tide of demographic changes in the world has affected the composition of teachers in schools; as a result, the teachers need to familiarize themselves with ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversities currently present ...
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2021-04-28 10:25:42

State-Owned Enterprises

According to international management conference definition, State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are described as companies that are established by the government with a sole aim of improving the countrys economy. Their primary goal is not to make a...
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2021-04-27 13:34:19

United Kingdom Would Lose If It Left the European Union

IntroductionAccording to, foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment made by a company or entity based in one country, into a company or entity based in another country. The term FDI can also be defined as the flow...
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2021-04-27 14:49:08

International Relations in Modern World

International relations can be defined as an area of study concerned with the relations between different countries. These relations may come in the form of business or diplomatic relations. This is one of the ways through which globalization h...
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2021-04-27 10:10:33

Foreign Policies, Military Affairs and United States Politics

How has concern over foreign policy and military affairs shaped political life in the United States since the 1780s?The Critical period, was a period of definition for the American Nation. After victory of the American Civil war in 1783,...
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2021-04-28 01:23:25

U.S. and Vietnam Relationships Through History

Many countries that boast of political stability and world superiority have had a history of war and violence that has, in one way or another, been a stepping-stone for their development into such powerful states. A series of physical and non-p...
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2021-04-22 20:49:20
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Discussion Questions on Globalization and International Trade

1. Choose a product that you feel is perfect for a global launch, and analyze the corporate strategy being employed as it relates to global expansion. Can you achieve competitive advantage? If so, how? Briefly discuss why Absolute advantage is ...
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2021-04-28 21:30:04

Promoting Learner Autonomy on EAP Courses for Arab Students

In his book on learner autonomy, David Little describe learner autonomy as primarily a matter of the learner's psychological relation to the content and process of learning (9). Currently teaching particularly English for Academic purposes, lea...
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2021-04-30 02:14:55

Asian Brands: Transnational Imagined Community

Asian consumers obsessive compulsion with brands had its origin in a desire for quality, consistency, and value. Asians equate brands, and the premium prices that they command, with high quality. However, owning a brand is also about status and...
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2021-04-30 16:43:28