Relationship between Cuba and America

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The relationship between Cuba and America became strained because Castro held resentments against the Americans for supporting president Batista whereas American rulers feared the communist insurgencies would spread in Latin America. All foreign Cuban assets were frozen by American Eisenhower to further strain the relationships between these two nations and to strengthen the American embargo on Cuba (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). The government of America backed a counterrevolution on the Bay of Pigs in a bid to ouster Fidel Castro in 1961, the counter-revolutionaries the Castro led army forces. The economic embargo by the government of American on Cuba is one of the longest foreign policies imposed on Cuba up to date (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). However, the embargo has been made friendlier as a result of many efforts to normalize the relationship between these two nations. Castros victory in Cuba resulted to global repercussions; Castro decided to export his revolution globally. This was done as early as the 1960s where Castro began sending weapons to rebels in other countries globally, for example, Fidel provided weapons to rebels in Algeria (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). Castro's government became instrumental in liberating other countries from colonialism by sending military insurgents and aids in countries such as Angola, Ghana, and Namibia. Fidel Castro sent more than 60000 Cuban soldiers in the civil war in Angola between 1970 and 1980 (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). The move further strained the relationship between Cuba and America; Cuba sought new allies in the Soviet Union. The new union grew faster and shared military expertise and intelligence, this led to the development of soviet nuclear weapons in 1962 (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). Cuba and the Soviet Union held close ties up to the year 1991 where the union collapsed and Cuba plunged into economic crisis.

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The crisis and famine period are known as the special period in Cuba 1991 provided a chance for the Batista regime sympathizers to regroup and form a counter-revolutionary group known as Alzados. The group was funded by America but was unsuccessful in its attempt to forcefully unseat Fidel Castro from the presidency. After the crisis, the government of the United States of America vowed not to invade Cuba and withdrew all its support to the Alzados counter-revolutionary movement. The relationship between Cuba and the United States of America became better and between 1959 and 1980 approximately half a million Cubans migrated to the United States for economic and political reasons (Gwynne and Cristobal, 2014). The Cuban-Americans have always been instrumental in opposing the American embargo on Cuba and support diplomatic engagement between these two nations. This essay has expounded the Cuban revolution and expounded on the impacts the revolutions had on Latin...

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