Idealization of Marriage

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People fall in love for different reasons which is always a mystery, and reasons to people staying in love are more or less elusive. Finding an ideal mate is being able to find that one person that has traits relevant to you as an individual. By this, it means finding a person who can tolerate you and most importantly who you can put up with. When finding an ideal partner, it is important to find someone with traits that you find unique be it physical or emotional. Due to the diversity of personalities, everyone has his/her unique description of an ideal partner. This essay will elaborate my qualities of a perfect mate, idealized views on marriage and its origin, and finally an opinion of an ideal marriage.

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An ideal partner should realize the importance of being authentic in a relationship. I find that there is nothing more destructive in a relation than deception and dishonesty. Honesty in a close relationship creates trust. On the other hand, the partner should try their best to live a life of integrity so that their actions and words are not inconsistent.

A companion should be readily responsive and affectionate that is emotionally, verbally or physically. They should be able to acknowledge and outwardly demonstrate feelings of warmth and tenderness. The person should appreciate closeness and feel comfortable in giving and receiving affection and pleasure.

The ability to joke with each other allows a couple to maintain a good perception when dealing with sensitive matters that arise in a relationship. A proper sense of humor eases tense moments in a relationship plus, lifes greatest joys is the ability to laugh with someone close whom you find incredible.

Maturity means being able to make an active effort to identify and resolve negative impacts in the past. When a person matures he/she is not likely to venture past experiences into current relationships. Maturity helps to foster the development of a strong sense of autonomy and independence which will enable the attainment of a stable and satisfying relationship.

Marriage can be defined as a legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, their children and their in-laws. Marriage could be a strong unity if the couple idealized each other when they got married. Choosing to view and highlight each others positive attributes paves way to a happier marriage. Marriage is all about understanding the lens through which we see our partners and decide how accurate our vision is. Problems arise when mates choose to impute negative qualities in one another which bring about a feeling of unworthiness. This feeling can be the cause of divorce, infidelity, separation and even polygamy. We view these ideas of marriage primarily from our immediate families, then the society and finally the media. All these sources give different views on marriage.

The perfect marriage is that where there is love, harmony, and understanding between the couple. It can also be said as that which the husband and wife are a loving couple, have compassion and mutual respect for each other. I believe that an ideal marriage exists this is mainly by the virtue that there is someone for everyone. When two people come together with the aim of bringing out the best of each other, marriage starts developing its idealness. The union is considered ideal when the couple has a mutual understanding, respect, know best of each other, and complement one anothers weaknesses. Above all this, if a person is genuinely in love with their better other, this will create grip in the marriage, and they will have something to hold on to when all the other attributes are lost.

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