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1). Identify the two key advantage of each candidate. Identify their liabilities. Rank order the candidates from most to least qualified, for the position of managing director of TCT India.

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All the candidates at qualified and the choose depends on the companys strategic goals and long term goals. For example, considering their ethnic background, tom Wallace is the most preferred candidate with a good mix of academic qualification and experience dealing with culturally diverse market (Mendenhall & Oddou, 2000).

The ranking order is as follows:

Tom Wallace- both experience in a culturally diverse market and has the education and competence deliver at work.

Bret Harrison has both experience and education to boot but his experience is relatively shorter

Polycentric perspective gives Saumitra Chakraborty and edge over the other candidates as he has proper connection it the local market

Geocentrically, Jalan Bukit has an advantage over the other candidates because he has both experiences managing such operations in international markets such as in Malaysia

2). what operational as well as personal challenges might the person you recommend encounter if named Managing Director?

Tom Wallace-

tom Wallace may be the best candidate, but he is faced with one major personal problems in that he knows only English as such may not be able to communicate effectively with the customers. He may also face resistance from the local staff and management (Dowling, Welch, & Schuler, 1999).

Brett Harrison

Is relatively qualified but has one major shortcoming in that he has teenage children and has career wife, which may affect his relocation needs. This may be costly to the company to arrange for airfare and transport to work on a daily basis (Briscoe & Schuler, 2004)

Rev Desai

She is young and has four young children that might affect her performance. She has to take time off to see the children and that might interfere with the companys effort to realise the goals.

Atasi Das

May be inexperienced to hand multicultural customers.

3). what steps would you recommend your preferred candidate take to manage those challenges?

Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace needs proper orientation in the international office as well as rigorous language training. The language should be specific to the market he is to be posted to. Additionally, language training should be recommended for his wife to fit in the international environment as she might be expected to relocate with the family. Finally, Tom should also be offered extra incentive commensurate with the assignment abroad. This might include compensation packages and per diem (Brewster, Sparrow, & Vernon, 2007).

4). for a moment, let us return to the issues covered in Chapter 15 regarding the matrix structure. Assume TCT adopts this structure for its Indian operation.

The company should consider splitting the position between the external operational and the external operations for the company to leverage the benefits Associated with the strategy. For example, the company should award the external position to Chakraborty as he has experience working in the Indian market and has influence there. On the other hand, Harrison should be awarded the internal affairs position as he is competent working with the employee ad has good interpersonal relations skill which means he can unite the employee and offer unity f direction, manage conflicts, and motivate employees.


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