How to Write Anything

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In choosing a style and design, Ruszkiewicz argues that do not hesitate to use first person. The first person is a useful tool for connecting with the audience. Secondly, Ruszkiewicz argues that in choosing a style and design, it is important to present the facts clearly to avoid muddling the audiences mind. Ruszkiewicz also states that in choosing a style and design; capture the audience's attention with a strong introduction. Lastly, Ruszkiewicz states that in choosing a style and design, one should consider a middles style.

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From the memoir on pages 29-35 in Ruszkiewiczs text, the student does a good job of describing how his father changed his life. The memoir is successful because the student has clearly expressed what happened, who was involved and the effect that it had on him.

The steps involved in supporting a thesis are definitions of the argument, comparison of arguments that agree and disagree and examination of cause and effect relationships.

Plagiarism has been defined as the unsanctioned use or close imitation of the thoughts or language of another author or performer and claiming them to be ones original work. Plagiarism is theft of intellectual property by passing off other peoples work as ones own.

Quotation can be used when a paraphrase would not sufficiently sum up the text. Secondly, a quotation can be used when the sources use words in a unique manner that is singular to them. Thirdly, quotations can be used when replicating vital statements of facts, opinion, or policy. Lastly, quotations can be used when the speaker or writer is famous or an expert on the subject and the exact words bear general interest or add credibility to the writing.


Ruszkiewicz, J. J. (2012). How to write anything: A guide and reference. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin's.

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