How Stereotype Affect Women Interest in Science

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Walking in any tech company, you are able to realize that there are fewer women in sciences related department. A few numbers of women and men seems to go to into fields concerning engineering, mathematics, and technology. When women look at this gender disparity while visiting such places, it activates the stereotype that they are not good at this science related fields. This makes women have a negative perception regarding science.

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Furthermore, not all women chose to not to go to the field of science but some of them that do join this field and become successful. However studies show that women are more likely to quit than men, at the same time, the level of advancement is not steep as compared to fellow men and this is as a result of stereotype threat. When men are in the workplace and are discussing their scientific research, they appear to be motivated as compared to women. As for women especially when they are conversing with their male counterparts research, the more disengaged they report being in the workplace. This means that women are at risk of quitting the job if there is disengagement at the workplace. The reason behind why women react this way may be that the male colleagues appear to throw them off the game and they feel more inferior and they see as if they cannot exploit the field of research perfectly.

Notably, when there is a stereotype that is circulating in an air and individuals are nervous that they may prove the stereotype if they dont perform well enough. The fear that these individuals have makes the stereotype self-fulfilling. For instance, when women are reminded of the stereotype that their male colleague students are better than them at mathematics, their performance becomes poor. The poor performance is as a result of women being threatened by stereotype.

Is stereotype threat limited to women alone?

Stereotype threat is not limited to women alone as every individual experiences stereotype threat. The negative stereotype exists in every one of us as we are all members of the same group that comprises of white male female and the Methodists. For example, in class, it is known male students are known to be good in mathematics but a section of them may fail to pass a taste, this means that they will judge by it. When female scientists are conversing with male counterparts on research, it exposes the stereotype regarding men, women, and science to the surface.

Is stereotype limited to science competence?

The answer is No. for example, Mehl is so conversant with stereotype threat and studies it to earn a living. He is even affected by the psychological incident. He states that the stereotype that negatively affects his performance is related to dancing. He comes from Germany and his wife come from Mexico and when he dancing in Mexico, the stereotype of Germany not being good at dancing is very relevant.

Solution to the Effect.

To increase the number of women who wants to explore the field of science, those who have already joined should be motivated in order to encourage others to join.

Creating of awareness to the society about the benefits of joining the scientific field and if they have prior knowledge and at the same time the male counterparts are educated on how they should treat female while interacting in the field of science. The stereotype remains a problem but not women.

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