Argumentative Essay on Honor Codes and Honor Systems

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Honor codes and honor systems should be maintained and highly upheld in high schools, colleges, and as well as universities to help prevent cheating and dishonest behaviors when sitting for exams. Various researches have shown how the use of honor codes and honor systems in schools has greatly helped to curb cheating for students in their exams and assignments. According to Bacall, Aaron’s research in the source has shown how spy cams can greatly help to improve the honor code value in schools. According to source B, before the revision of the honor code, it was initially criticized by students because they saw it as another rule to obey. Various reasons made the honor code to be criticized because the students were expected to report on their fellow students who were cheating and also for the students to write a pledge of honor on each piece of the assignment submitted.

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Why Were Honor Codes Created For Schools

According to most studies, honor systems need to be highly maintained to remind the scholars of their expected responsibilities in their academics and also state that every student is expected, to be honest, and highly accountable to their work at all times. The engagements of school honor codes constantly remind the scholars of the moral values expected from them in a school environment. Honor codes in schools help to create trusted environments between the students and the teaching department. Research in source C shows that the use of honor codes would greatly change a student’s perception about cheating in an examination.

How Honor Codes Affect School Cheating

According to research by Donald, it is clear that schools with honor codes students cheated less than with schools where their counterparts never had the honor codes. The honor codes are best and highly effective when used by scholars. The expectations of the students’ discipline and also of their classmates is bound to indicate if each student will decide to cheat in their examinations or not which also helps to improve on the scholars’ expectation concerning the discipline of their comrades regardless of the college implementing the honor code or not applying. Successful honor codes must be one hundred dependent on the students about their comrades behavior and also apply to resources that highly influence the ways in which the honor code is perceived.

Honor codes help schools to attain a richer academic environment with high standards. According to source E a statistical study, a huge percentage of 88% has shown that failure on assignments was a result of violations of the honor code. The statistical study also clearly indicates that a huge percentage of scholars believe in the application of the honor codes in school environments. Honor codes help students in the development of community standards.


In conclusion, the use of honor codes and honor systems in the school environment helps the scholars to have an in-depth understanding of the value of academic integrity and the responsibilities that they are expected to uphold. On the other hand, schools without honor codes and honor systems do not bring out academic integrity and values in any meaningful way. It is, therefore, important for schools to have honor codes, so as to improve the integrity of their institutions and the certificates they offer. Building a society of kids that uphold integrity, and abstain from cheating is not only important in schools, but in society as well.

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