Hermeneutic and Symbolic Integrationist

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Hermeneutics is defined as the philosophical or methodology that includes text interpreting, especially the interpretation of wisdom literature, biblical texts, and philosophical text. Such analysis is usually difficult for any person to clearly understand the meaning and try to explain in his/her won language. They have hidden means that illustrate particular issues concerning the world. It was initially used for the interpretation of certain scriptures or exegesis (Carrithers, 2012). The scriptures were believed to be written by people under the influence of a supreme being. It had deeper meaning concerning the nature of the world. Physiologist believed it was important for other people to understand those deeper meaning as it may help them in living peaceful lives. They also believed it was a way of the Supreme Being communication to them.

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The term hermeneutic has evolved over the years coming up with new meaning and ideas. The current term is used for both verbal and nonverbal communication as well as pre-understanding, semiotics, pre-suppurations. Only people with certain knowledge were believed could reflect those text into the daily lives of human being. In the past, such people were highly respected in the community and many people approached them for personal issues (Carrithers, 2012). The Jewish oral traditions were the ordinary people known who used this element. They were very religious and tended to believe that every aspect of their lives is guided by a deeper understanding.

Symbolic integrationist is a sociology perspective that is influential in many areas. The term is used to put forward an interesting summary of aspects. It is believed that people act in a particular manner based on this meaning about life. Sociologist working with this term has tried to come up with different meaning during the past years (Carrithers, 2012). However, the majority of the people use qualitative research methods like observation to study aspects that involve human lives. Symbolic integrationist is a distinct approach to study human behavior and why certain people behave in a particular manner. The term tries to have a deeper meaning to how people act. In many cases, People assume that other individuals act in a certain way merely because they are arrogant or are not thinking clearly. It entails extensive interaction with other to gain such knowledge, which will be compared to other experiences of human behaviors.

Symbolic integrationist fits in the category of hermeneutic in the sense that both of them try to explain some aspects of human lives. The two terms give a deeper meaning of how people perceive things (Carrithers, 2012). They also require the experience of an expert to explain such issues. Hermeneutic made people believe that God communicates to them through certain scriptures that were found in the world. Those scriptures were highly preserved and translated into many languages that different people can easily relate to them. Sociologist uses the term to try to understand the conduct of human being. They establish their facts based on the understanding based on their interpretation of certain scriptures. Those words have led to the establishment of rules and policies on how people should live their lives. For example, it advocates for a harmonious environment where people can easily interact with one another.

Other terms have been associated with these two words to explain certain aspects of hidden meaning. One of the conditions is ritual order, which is associated with these two conditions in many ways. The behaviors of people are affected by something that is beyond the human capacity. This requires the need for intervention where certain rituals have to be performed to that individual. This would appease the spirits to try and set that individual free from certain evils spirits. The sociologist believed that people conduct is based on the spirits that are inside that individual. In some cases, evil spirits that do not have a real intention for that person can possess the person.

The implications of Goffmans analysis of claims we would like to make about the uniqueness and authenticity of our individual selves is that everybody knows somewhat more than what other people think, and the things the person knows does not matter on where he/she got the knowledge or the idea. The human being must be interpreted as a social person. People try to emulate other that is why they behave in a particular manner. Everybody was born unique with different capabilities, which can be performed by only that individual. This unique skills can help to solve other people problems when the need arises. Every individual's uniqueness is for the benefit of other people. Individuals are created through interaction, and this is one of the ways that could establish how important people are to each other. What people do will also be determined the type of interaction with other human beings. The influence is major to children who try to emulate most of the things that they see on the people around them that are why parents are advised to be good role models for their children. Social interaction is central to our behaviors as human, and that is what makes us unique from other creatures in the universe. Their interaction is not for helping each other but for surviving.

The human being must be understood as thinking human. Most of the human action are not only gotten from social interaction but also depends on the type of knowledge that an individual might be having (Lafont, 2009). In the past, the elderly people used to pass their knowledge to the young generation, which was believed to help them as they grow up. The young generation was told to try to think of something better that would transform their lives and not only depend on that knowledge that is passed to them. The knowledge that is gotten for the elderly should be used as a basis for thinking of other better ideas of living. Currently, there are many education institutions that impact children with the rights skills and knowledge about lives. Many people believed that, if we can combine all the knowledge that we get by observing then we can quickly transform the world. Goffmans analysis explained that all human beings can think clearly for themselves (Lafont, 2009). It is not the idea or the attitudes that matter the most, but how people put such aspects into use. Human beings are not conditioned like other creatures such as animals. People have the will and right to act according to what he/she believed is good. In the modern world, there is the element of human rights where every person has the right to live a life that he /she pleases. However, to live in harmony, there are set rules and regulations that people must follow so that they do not interfere with other people's rights. There is also some form of punishment for people who breaks such rules .

Human beings define the situation they are currently in and do not sense the environment directly. The environment can exist but does not define the actions of people. If people decide to behave in a certain manner is not because of the influence of the environment. This is because that person can think and change the situation (In Robinson, 2012). The environment can be a factor that influences that decision, but the person has the will and right to change the circumstance.

The cause of human action is mostly influenced by the current situation. People have the ability to think critically and try to come up with a solution on how they can come out of their problems. They also have the ability to avoid any circumstances that are believed not to be beneficial. The previous actions can be used to convert a present situation if the incidents are similar. The best element of all this is to have social interaction among human beings. This will make it easy for people trying to solve individual circumstance. People should share some of their experiences for the benefit of others. This will make it easier for another individual to formulate a better strategy to solve a situation.

Human beings are described as active individuals about the surrounding. The ability to transform certain situations can be influenced by the surrounding in many ways. First, it will depend on the type of help that a person can receive from the surrounded. In most cases, people feel motivated when others appreciate their efforts.


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