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The graphic novel Watchmen, there are various idea to learn which are of great importance to the population as it helps in the identification of possibilities amidst impossibilities in the society. Analysis of the characters in the novel helps in appreciating the roles that the characters play in the development of the main themes of the books and their relevance to the population. The novel Watchmen, highlights the challenges that affect a city brought about a number of criminal activities going on in the area and which result to various deaths in the population (Blake 33). Despite the efforts of detective to disclose the cause of deaths of various people in the population, they have the challenge of getting the real culprits because of the challenge of the population to reveal the real perpetrators with the fear of getting revenge from criminals (Moore and Dave 79). This makes it challenging for detective to end criminal activities in the locality. On detective that is determine with ending criminal activities is Rorschach and this is evident in the way he proceeds with the investigation of the death of the diplomat, Edward Blake.

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The determination of Rorschach is of great importance in that it helps in the analysis of implications of superheroes in maintaining peace and harmony in the population. There is also investigation into the death of Comedian and Rorschach is put on the case to bring culprits to book. The outcomes of superheroes are evident in the manner in which Rorschach carries out investigation and the discovery of causes of death of Edward Blake and this is from the keen analysis carried out thereof with the view of improving the security in the society. However, despite the efforts of detectives in investigating the rise in insecurity in the society, it is factual that the America is against it superheroes and is not ready to protect them from murderous criminals in the society (Carter and Mark 113). Such a situation makes the people hopeless of their cases of insecurity as it is apparent that the police can do very little to combat the issue. In this manner, it is the onus of superheroes to take matter into their hands and restore trust if the population in tackling security issues in the population.

In the novel, there are two main characters that promote the role of superheroes in the books and help in understanding what influences the characters of superheroes, the two characters are Rorschach and Ozymandias as evident in the manner in which they help in promoting the idea of criminal activities and investigation. It is factual that the way the two characters help in fighting crime in the society help in appreciating the role of superheroes and the need to support them in the daily activities to help in making the society much safe. Although Rorschach and Ozymandias are seen as superheroes, they possess human characters but only Doctor Manhattan has superhuman powers of all the characters presented in the novel (Crutcher 54). One of the similarities between Rorschach and Ozymandias is that they suffer the same fate and are eliminated due to the enactment of the Keene Act in the year 1971. It is because of the fact that superheroes become unpopular in the American society and in among the police thereby necessitating their outlawing.

The other similarity between the two is that despite the efforts of the police to outlaw and retire all superheroes in the society, their zeal and determination makes them to operate outside the law because they are focused on making the society a better place and help in the reduction of criminal activities in the region. The third similarity between the two is that both engage in activities the seek to improve living conditions of the population; this is established in the manner in which Rorschach engages in the investigation of the murder of Edward Blake (Carter and Mark 115). On the other hand, Ozymandias helps in creating employment opportunities to the population to help in reducing criminal activities in the area.

Additionally, despite the efforts of Rorschach to unearth the cause of death of Edward Blake, they turn to be accused and are facing extinction from the community and the government is determined to eliminate them. Both Rorschach and Ozymandias face the same threats from the government and this is because as much as they face assassination claims. This is because Ozymandias survives assassination plot narrowly while Rorschach is accused of killing Moloch who was a supervillain and is then imprisoned. Their accusations and assassination threats lead to their similarities between the two characters in the novel as their occupations end at the same time (Blake 38). Acknowledging such similarities helps in addressing challenges that both characters face and their efforts in changing the society to make it a better place. It is evident that both characters are determined to create a change in the society and both face similar threats on their lives that lead to premature end of their careers.

It is factual that the idea of Allan Moore was to create in the mind of the reader the perception that even the worst of people in the society have their benefits and even the best have their flaws. It is the main reason why he created a story line that provides the opportunity for the population to examine virtues and vices that every character champions to make the right decision regarding the qualities of the characters. The aim was to prevent the community from cramming what is virtuous and what is not and help in the development of socially moral community. In this manner, there is the challenge of speculating the outcomes of vigilantes and superheroes and their effects in the society (Moore and Dave 81). However, it is apparent that destruction of some of the superheroes and excommunication and arresting of others have various consequences to the population as evident in the increase insecurity threats in the population with various effects on the safety of the population.

The moral lesson of the story is that there is a need to support those that take part in fighting crime and help them in eliminating the vice in the society. It is through such strategies that lead to the improved security of the citizens and elimination of threats that pose various consequences to both the citizens and the governments. The idea of superheroes is brought out in a positive way as evident in the manner in which superheroes are presented as people that engage in the elimination of challenge sin the population and take part in in eliminating criminals in the society (Carter and Mark 118). Additionally, the novel presents that thought that there is a need for the population to carry out holistic examination of issues before making a decision to avoid making mistakes that can attract consequences on the citizens.

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