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Nietzsche saw that the presence of society purposes to keep us far from reality. This implies on the off chance that we see this to be genuine then the foundation of our everyday encounters tend to matter a little when contrasted with the substance of our experience. Hence, I believe that the journey to this point has been very fruitful with regards to my studies and experiences. I can see faces that are graced with smiles, happiness, ambitions, and ready to bid farewell to our studies. More often than not, what appears to be the end happens to be the beginning of something else. As every journey seems to come to an end, a new one commences. Be that as it may, every endeavor and point of interest in our lives will end but there is dependably a starting to an end. Consequently, our Graduation denotes the end of a successful endeavor which opens to a new path. As kids, we looked forward to graduating from high school as it seemed like the end of school. Here we are now, equally excited, but graduation has gone up against a radical new significance for us. It can be perceived as an entry to a new chapter; filled with new experiences and opportunities. From a personal perspective, graduation is a privilege as not everyone has the pleasure to grace themselves in such an opportunity and therefore, I highly regard it. We have come a long way, from playing and lying on the ground to aiming for the stars and coming to terms with the notion that it is okay to have a dream. It has been a long journey; a journey of finding and following our passion.

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I vividly recall my first day in school, everything was so natural. In any case, before we knew it, things turned out to be more tasking and challenging. Everything turned out to be more important to us, and each assignment we needed to confront required of our perpetual exertion. Progressively, we developed a new viewpoint and comprehension of life, goals, and dreams. It was a period where every minute counted as time seemed to be moving very first. Our parents, fellow students, and mostly the members of faculty relentlessly helped us. We figured out how to traverse this confounding yet compensating phase of our lives and it was justified, despite all the trouble. Absolutely justified, despite all the trouble since all through our way we got the opportunity to meet awesome individuals who will dependably be there for us. We confronted troublesome times together, as well as trying times. Today, I see an assorted qualities of individuals; parents, relatives, and fellow students, who have been there for us every step of the way as well as friends who have survived numerous emergencies and have finished numerous objectives. The smiles on our parents faces mirror content and satisfaction. They have satisfied what they had always wanted, despite battling with difficulties and objectives to meet. Furthermore, is our graduating class. We are amped up for what lies ahead, eager to follow our passion. We all have one thing in common; we are full of hope and ambitious aspirations. It becomes, therefore, necessary to try to stay connected with each other and support each other in our next chapter.

Looking back, the journey has been an adventure. A trip that began with reluctant, speculative strides, we see exactly how far we have advanced. It has been an honor and a benefit being a piece of our excursion and one which has been permeated with superb recollections. Pursuing a bachelors degree in Cybersecurity has been instrumental in the comprehension in cyber security management and policy. We have been equipped with a strong center of guideline in Computer Science, experienced cutting edge direction in a committed research domain, and had the chance to partake in dynamic exercises that will enhanced the collective comprehension of the domain. Additionally, we take pride in an establishment of center courses in Computer Science, a hands-on research segment in for all intents and purposes all Cybersecurity aspects. The course has also exposed us to a wide array of prospects in the area. I am very braced but not limited to end up a leader in the data security domain. The innovative course employs a multidisciplinary approach borrowing from neighboring fields such as, business administration and management, law, science, business sensibilities, and innovation. The approach has been instrumental in empowering us with aptitudes cybersecurity infrastructure and resources as well as a transferable skill set.

As I step out and set on a new journey, I am determined to follow my passion. Contrary to oblivious convictions, finding and following ones passion is the driving force behind their character. Lack of passions reduces us to individuals without course whereby anything goes. Passion however, motivates us and builds our character. Therefore, it is important for each and every one of us to follow our passions with full commitment. With that, I would like to wish you all success in your future endeavors.

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