Global Warming: The Gradual Increase in the Earths

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Global warming is the gradual increase in the Earths and its oceans atmospheric temperature. The change is brought up by the permanent change into the climate of the earth, increasingly. Global warming due to climate change has emerged significantly over the previous years as one of the most critical topics at all levels of decision making both public and private. This constitutes a radical change as compared to the general perception just some few years ago. Climate change is a result of global warming is a universals acceptance reality, which is affecting many ways business operations, the environment itself and the life of human societies. As a matter of fact, businesses have to perform their climate change operations that are probe in environments which are more vigorous and risky where resources-based, supply-chain, stakeholders and institutional-based views are all paramount to understand and characterize corporate strategies responses to issues of sustainability (Pappis, 2011).

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According to the Life Cycle Assessment of Portland Cement Manufacturing, they contribute to global warming due to the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during the manufacture of cement and its products such as concrete. This in turn, has brought adverse side effects not only to the environment but also on the global supply chain based on the Life Cycle assessment of Portland Cement Manufacturing (PCM). PCM knows how to manage their supply chain even though extreme weather conditions and climatic change present a new set of uncertainties that threaten the old way that the company did its business. Global warming is a greater risk associated with the companys supply chain (Bye, 1999). Seemingly, the adverse effects of global warming will continue to increase in the next years and this poses a greater threat to PCM and its supply chain survey. Global warming affects the supply chain of the company in a manner that it reduces or rater it disrupts the capacity of production which might be due to flooding or extreme unfavorably climatic conditions. There would be an increase in the costs of operation and capital cost. An inability to do business effectively will also be propelled by the climatic condition. Additionally, there would be a significant decrease in the demand and the supply of the goods and the services that the company offers. On the other hand, supply chains work effectively when all the functional units work together. Risks in one unit can cascade into the other units. For example, if procurement of raw materials and commodities from a supplier are restricted as a result of climatic-related impacts, the lack of an operational buffer will affect the internal manufacturing operations of the company and this will place he customer order fulfillment at risk as the customer might end up not receiving the materials (Hendrickson, 2006).

There are quite a number of strategies and tactics that the company might implement in order to address these risks. First, PCM might opt for supply collaboration where they can work with their suppliers in the identification of raw materials which are sensitive to climatic conditions, and alternatively, switching to raw materials that are less sensitive. The company might also opt to work with the supplier in the identification of new products and markets which may arise from a changed climate. The company might also build supply chain climate resilience by dealing with how the issue of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. This might be strategically achieved if the company finds new measures to control the pollution which is affecting climatic conditions.

Particularly innovative and significant changes that could enable PCM and its supply chain to develop a competitive advantage through collection of dust which has great levels of carbon dioxide, energy and fuel consumption. By collecting the dust, it gives the company a competitive advantage as they offer products and services to their customers without affecting the climate and the environment. Another significant change that could enable PCM and its supply chain to develop a competitive advantage by implementing cost-effective solutions in building of resilience in order to stay profitable. And still preserve the environment (Pappis, 2011).

What area the environmental performance measures that the company has taken in order to control global warming?

What emergency response options does a supply chain have after a natural disasters caused by global warming?

Assignment critique

You were correct to say that the assignment might be challenging, because it was. I work at the supply department of the PCM and I know very little information about the manufacturing process of cement in the company. The outline provided information for this assignment and it was extremely challenging when it came to the navigation through the blackboard and the material associated in order to try and figure out the exact expectation of the assignment. I consulted with the engineers and plant managers at the company to help me though with the assignment as I wanted first-hand information. According to them, they agreed that some of the questions in the assignment did not have any purposes for real world expectation or the students (their words). However, I did my best and managed to efficiently tackle the assignment.


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