Vision of Water for People

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Water for people has a vision of creating a world in which all individuals in every part of the world have an efficient access to a reliable source of water for drinking and also healthy sanitation.

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The NGO founded in 1991 by Ken Miller, Wayne Weiss and John Mannion was set to create access for water and sanitation possible for everyone in the world. It has now expanded to engage nine countries in its mission. These countries are where the NGO operates from: Guatemala, Uganda, Malawi, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Rwanda, India.

Established in 1991, Water for people is the largest non-profit educational and scientific organization for treating and managing water. It was born out of American Water Works Association. The organization was initially formed by three gentlemen by the name Ken Miller, Wayne Weiss and John Mannion.

Each had a company involving water a former president of AWWA, a personnel at Black and Veatch and a former executive producer at AWWA respectively. These were joined with a vison of creating a world with safe water and sufficient animation. Water for people has grown to from partnerships with; National Association of Water companies, Water Environment Federation Association of Metropolitan water Agencies and National Association of clean water Agencies.

It has managed to cover nine countries over the years and has create access to safe water and sanitation to over for million people in the countries.

Water for People has involved in a lot of projects including ones as:

- Preservation of Cascades Verdes in Nicaragua

- Construction of water fed system in Tarique Bolivia

- Setting up one stop shops for toilet construction products and services in Sheohar district India

- Water for people display active and positive citizenship though

- Practicing volunteerism to help different communities in the world

- Influencing growth and change in their community

- Empowering other people to grow and develop

- Building an enriched network with a sole purpose of proving access to clean water and sanitation all around the globe.

- Human right that Water for People involves include

General Comment No.15: The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a pre-requisite for the realization of other human rights.

Human Right to Water and sanitation: United nations General Assembly, 28th July 2010. The right to access of water entitles all individuals to safe, sufficient, affordable acceptable and accessible water for both domestic and personal use.

People can get involved who the activities of Water for People through

Volunteering: Community outreach, special even coordination, photography and evaluation of projects.

Donation: Vehicle donation, Workplace giving, planned giving, Impact investment and Tribute gifts.

In my opinion, I believe that the organization, Water for People has come a long way in provision of water and sanitation to people all over the world ad can therefore be said to be successful. This is because they have not only considered heling people access water but also create permanent solution to the problem and I this they influence people to do the same and also influence further outreach creating chain reaction in precision of access to safe water and sanitation globally.

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