Formulating the Goals for Environmental Protection

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5.1 Introduction

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I focused on some case studies as a bid through which I would collect evidence as a primary source. Therefore I decided to carry out a survey to evaluate how the vital reformist formulates their goals and objectives that usually protect or guard the environment. Protection of environment is very important aspect because it makes the surrounding safe for all the creatures and plants to live well. I wanted to confirm that what the respondents revealed on the papers were the right kind of information through the reforms and degradation of the environment. There were a few issues and case studies that I found out as discussed below.

Issues Studied Problems/Causes Solutions

Soil Erosion Hilly Part of the country

Excess rainfall

Climate changes Building Gabions

Construction of dams

Water catchment areas

Water Pollution Waste from industries

Wastage of water in homes

Waste from homes Recycling

Water treatment plants

Desertification issues Cutting down of tress

Over population

Human and animal conflicts Illegalization of felling down trees

Control of population

Other issues Effects on the natural environment

Mans actions Government control

Positive economic performance

5.2 Soil Erosion

A visit to the interior part of the country revealed that most of the reforms that the government advocates for are in actions as there are values that the communities uphold to support the wellbeing of the environment. Most of the hilly and sloping parts of the country were in the past affected by rains through mudslides, as they had no option as to how they would control and manage such natural acts. However, as a bid to protect the environment, the government introduced building and constructions of gabions that trap the soil to prevent soil erosion. This worked positively and it is evident that the local area citizens do not worry whenever the rains fall.

The interior part of the country revealed that it was worst hit by the soil erosion issue.

There were dams built by the random survey as well that help in preserving water for the desert area of the country to have a regular supply of water in dry months when the rains fail. This has contributed to the growth of produce and plants that ensures that the nation does not go hungry and is comfortably able to feed the citizens. Water conservation is form of preserving the environment that helps in preventing the wastage of the natural resources and prevents the occurrence of acid rain that destroys the plants and animals.

An image from the interior part of the country

5.3 Water Pollution

The government through amendments and constitution powers, they have made laws and regulations against the industries to find the right channels through which they would dispose their waste. There were many options like recycling which are the better options that exist for such industries. There were also cases of water wastage in the areas where people as individuals and companies waste money making the natural resources deplete at a higher rate than they should reduce. Such actions attracted the nation and the water catchment areas improved which would provide the right options in case there would be water challenges in the country when there were dry months in the country.

Human waste was among the major contributors to water pollution

The government prohibited chemical industries that manufacture harmful products as I found out after taking the respondents responses. Thus I found out that the state of the nation, the health of the soil improved after the government, and the random surveys prohibited the use of strong pesticides, which made the acidity level of soil increase making it hard to plant, and harvest the same amount of input as the output expected. Industries have developed ways through which they treat their water for disposal and instead recycle the water to perform other tasks in the industries. Hence, I noted that the rate of water wastage had reduced significantly for the benefit of the environment in the end.

Most of the human waste and waste from industries ended up in the water bodies

5.4 Desertification Issues

I sought to find out the major cause of the desertification issues in the country. There were indeed complaints that the actions of the humankind were the main contribution to the desertification issue, which was becoming a national concern for all. Most of the respondents felt that the main cause of desertification is through mans actions to cut down trees to create room for their life.

The human animal conflict led to loss of lives of the wild animals as their natural habitats were destroyed

Man cut down trees to create room for their personal activities as well as the problem of overpopulation where it becomes hard for the existing resources to maintain and provide comfortably for the population. The population problem is however, a global issue that affects all countries as I found after reading secondary data. The global human rights and random surveys have argued that it is not a problem for the developing country as it affects all irrespective of the level and state of the development and performance of the environmental policies implementation.

Desertification issues lead to the human and animal conflicts as the animals feel threatened in their natural habitat. It makes it hard for the animals and the humans to live in peace as the animals reiterate and fight man due to the disruption of peace through their actions in destruction to their natural habitat. The desertification issue also increases the rate at which the Nigerian country is becoming a desert in most of the areas which some few years had beautiful forests that attracted rainfall on a regular way. Indeed the respondents felt that man had a greater role in causing the desertification problem and they held the major solution to make reduce the effects of their actions. The solutions to these problems lay in controlling the population as well as the making it illegal to cut down trees without authorization from the authorities.

Desertification led to a more desert-like situation in most parts of the country.

5.5 Other Issues

The national government has the mandate and responsibility to protect the environment for the development and benefit of all citizens in the country. Mans actions also contributed to the degradation of the environment. This ensures that all the citizens enjoy their existence in the country. The protection to the natural environment ensures that humans and other living organisms that depend on the welfare and stability of the environment are taken care to avoid loss of life for humans and animals. I also felt that the performance of the environment had a direct relationship with the performance of the economy as nature gives back what it gets making it a national responsibility for all the citizens of Nigeria as they follow suit to protect the environment.

Conclusion and General Discussion

The chapter captured the case studies that I focused on during the research study as I worked towards collecting any external information about the environment. I explored all relationships that existed between the environment and factors that affect the wellbeing of the environment. My research focused on the specific areas that the environment surveyors focused on as the main problematic areas. Chapter Five is the discussion of the results from the questionnaire that I managed to collect.

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