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Digital media technologies are changing the way people are viewing television programs. In essence, due to the accessibility of the internet, many Singaporeans are now using DVDs and online streaming to view television content (Rothfeld, 2014). The availability and accessibility of TV content have increased over the years, especially with the growing use of the Internet for live streaming. For instance, Netflix has gained millions of viewers owing to what Auletta (2014) terms as TV undergoing a digital revolution. In essence, subscribers to Netflix can stream the shows directly to their personal computers. Besides, as the author posits, YouTube is one of the busiest television with millions of subscribers and entirely free. As such, this facilitates individuals to watch many interesting videos via Youtube. There are many competitors in the sector, which allows millions of subscribers to obtain free streaming videos, and thus, this contributes to the growth of local audience that capitalizes on the Internet for viewing TV programs. Besides, according to the Nielsen report, approximately 79.2% who said they watch television shows on the web (Mohandas, 2015). As such, Singaporeans are increasingly utilizing the internet for media communication purposes. Also, there are DVDs which are readily available and can be rented. According to Auletta (2014), Netflix capitalizes on the strategy, by offering streams, as well as DVD, and subsequently, this raised the companys profits as it can capture the interest of many Singaporeans. Everyone can now easily access the movie clips, movies, series conveniently, which has tremendously increased the number of individuals watching TV. Besides, as the 2015 Nielsen Media Index Report highlights, almost 85% of Singapore viewers tune into free-to-air TV channels on an average weekly basis (Mohandas, 2015).

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Also, the changing media technologies have facilitated the watching o the TV programs on the phone, computer or tablet, which is usually facilitated by the use of an app or even a piece of hardware that can let the user stream or transfer the cable TV from the physical television to other devices. Also, users have an option of recording the TV programs on DVR to watch the programs later. Besides, users are using cable providers to look at the TV programs, for example, Time Warner or Comcast (Rothfeld, 2014). Further Singaporeans can pay for an al a carte single network services, for example, HBO NOW services over the internet and serves a programming to a set-top box without a cable subscription. Also, using Sling TV, users can pay for a package of channels that can be streamed without cable television, or use third-party service, such as Hulu.

Effectiveness of Media Corp

MediaCorp is increasingly capitalizing on the new digital technologies to promote TV content and delivery. For instance, in Singapore, the company partnered with Netflix to offer a streaming service that has subsequently brought locally produced TV series to its members around the world. In Singapore, the service offers over 20 popular Chinese TV series made in the country, such as The Golden Path and The Little Nyonya classics. The company also provides dramas, for example, The Dream Job, as well as The Truth Seekers to Netflix. The partnership between the two companies has over 86 million subscribers in over 190 countries around the world. As such, MediaCorp has an effective strategy that allows it to capture millions of users, and this leads to increased profitability. Also, MediaCorp produces some 1600 hours of entertainment content in four languages on an annual basis (MediaCorp, 2016).

Regarding the delivery of TV content, MediaCorp has the largest range of media platforms in Singapore, which spans digital, television, as well as out-of-home media. For instance, MediaCorp has incorporated Toggle, which is a new over-the-top service that redefines TV viewing. The service goes beyond the television set and brings news, learning, entertainment, learning, interactive content, as well as behind-the-scene insights to viewers across multiple devices. The interactive content it provides to users allows them to have a TV experience that allows them to stay engaged wherever they are, including internet TV, mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop. MediaCorp has also ventured in the free-to-air TV through the Toggle Red Button service. In essence, through the Toggle Red Button service provides a huge leap forward in free-to-air TV viewing experience (MediaCorp, 2016). Even so, the service is currently in use by a closer user group, with general availability planned towards the end of June. The service is founded on hybrid technology referred to as the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV). MediaCorp was the first Asian company in the media communication network that deployed HbbTV Technology and is widely used in Europe and Australia and has adoption rates of over 80% in some markets and has a variety of services including voting, games, and contextualized advertising. The Toggle Red Button service brings together the vast catalog of video-on-demand (VOD), as well as the live broadcast TV into a single seamless environment (MediaCorp, 2016).

MediaCorp also allows its users to access content, as well as current affairs not only to Singapore but also to the whole world. There are a variety of programs in this category, including The Big Turnaround, The Power List Asia, The Successors, India Revealed, Tycoons China, Inside Indonesia with Dr. Farid, and The Million Makers. Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Asian Expats, Business concierge, as well as the Medical Touch. Therefore, MediaCorp is highly efficient in offering business and current affairs content. MediaCorp also offers a variety of documentaries to its subscribers. The documentaries offered cover many topics, including human/social interest, for example, To Live and The Maritime Silk Road. There are also documentaries that cover unique cultures, for instance, Rice is Life and Scissorhands. Further, the company offers content about the environment, for example, The Botanic Gardens: Stories and Secrets, A Green Mark Singapore, as well as Mother Earth Speaks. MediaCorp also offers content about wildlife content, such as the Sumatra Last Tiger, Four-Winged Dinosaur, and Why Icarus cannot Fly.

Also, MediaCorp also provides Architecture and Design content to its users. These include In The House of Style and Heavenly Heaven. MediaCorp has also diversified in art and society content, and offers various programs including little Red Art, Momentum, and Made in China. Besides, the company also offers travel and cuisine content, such as Cook eat China, Luxe Asia, and Letting Go. Asia Pitch documentaries include My Land is Burning, Testimony Of A Thread, and Sailors In The Wheatland. For this reason, MediaCorp has specialized in offering a variety of TV programs. As such, it can be concluded that MediaCorp is very efficient in the way it has adapted to the changes in digital media technologies regarding TV content and delivery.


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