What is Reality?

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How do human beings consciously understand the lucid dream world? Do the neurons in the brain stem seen as the main sensory data by the brain? The movement and revolution into new findings and different stages in the history of human beings on the real nature of reality are very apparent. The new conclusions and various stages in the history of human beings have suppressed scientific findings, which does not fit the present understanding of reality. Einstein stated that reality is just an illusion, and it is nothing real (Studen, Moore, & Chamberlain, 2016).

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The quantum realm has shown new findings that reality is not the way it is perceived. A collective consciousness role is to create an experience, illusion, and reality. The manner in which human beings perceive reality is coupled with emotions and feelings, which accompany the perception that makes up the entire experience of the whole earth (Walia, 2012). Scientifically, we can manifest any form of reality based on the type of energy emanated from us. An energy of fear is less productive than the energy of love (Walia, 2012).

Thomas Young, a physicist, in his double slit experiment showed how tiny particles do not behave the same when measured (Walia, 2012). This sheds light on how the whole reality operates. This double slit experiment by Dr. Quantum is a clear look at the manner in which consciousness creates reality. Until one can see reality, it stays in the form of a wave of probabilities. The path of action is determined when the wave of action collapse by measuring the reality. This shows that the consciousness moment defines how things act. The infinite potentials and electrons behave in the same manner and show how consciousness define how it need to act. In a practical way, everyone sees the earth in a particular way. The way we perceive things defines us and limits our infinite abilities by keeping us on one path and the cycle repeats itself. We need to realize we dictate our experiences on earth because we are in control.

The question that remains is that as long as consciousness creates reality, what defines how things should be, who defines the form of the world, who are we and how should we act? The double slit experiment shows how people are in control of their consciousness. However, our understanding and consciousness can still be manipulated. From birth, we have been taught by the media and education how the world is (Walia, 2012). They have created our perception of how things are and on the true nature of reality.

Therefore, what is reality? Does it exist or it has to be measured first? Is there a multiverse? Is it an illusion? The brain perceives one rational understanding of reality though there are other dimensions that we are not aware. The brain usually alters people perception based on the situation they find their self in. The truth about reality is there, and it is an enticing field of research. Besides, it is very crazy and weird than the way we can imagine. People have a different brain, and so it is the reality it gives out. The reality is what your brain tell you it is.


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