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Secretary-General, my fellow ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen good afternoon: every year we come together and discuss various things affecting our countries. We all do this for the welfare of our great world where each and every come from. As it is recorded in the history, many of personal aspirations were a subject to the whims of empires and tyrants. According to history any division in race, religion, and tribe was solved through massive bloodshed. People of various nations never imagined that they could come together and advance in shared prosperity.

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It took people a total two world wars for them to change their way of thinking about coming together. The people who created this great organization were not aware that this body could stop any outbreak of wars among nations. Away from the history, today we are being faced with one major problem and tragedy, and that is terrorism. For all over a decade us as Russians we have struggled with domestic insurgency and terrorism. We Russians have experienced a series of terrorist attacks and military strikes, and during this century, we have experienced high-profile terrorism incident that leaves our citizens dead. In response to the apparent and unfortunate threat, we have adopted extensive counter-terrorism legislation, we have established and modified institutions that can combat terrorism, more also, we have streamlined the leadership, and counter-terrorism operations .many people have reported on the decrease of terrorist problem in my country.

A lot of ink has been spilled to criticizes my country for adopting a defensive stand and use of poorly coordinated and excessive force against terrorism; Moreso in Aleppo, Syria. We have been blamed for the lack of comprehensive counterterrorism strategy .my country has tightly been associated with activities of Islamic militants in chenya and Syria. In Kenya, that is a place with a very high concentration of terrorist attacks, but through our great anti-terrorism plans we have been able to counter them.

We as a nation we are trying to fight terrorism by all means that is by launching counter-terrorism campaign, and this I encourage you to start in your country. The so-called Russian revolutionaries launched the first campaign in the early 20th century. We regard any act of terrorism as an assaults against the state personified by the tsar, the communist party, or the central government of my country .we Russians have declared war on terrorism that why we attacked Isis ruthlessly, not caring about critics and intimidations. We have seen many countries suffer from the effect of terrorist attacks, for example, Kenya, Nigeria, France and other many .unless we hold hands and eliminate this terror, not the country can say it can win this war alone. I want to recommend the leaders of this great organization for making sure unity among countries making it easy to monitor the terrorist networks. Behold, I say again we shall fight terrorism till the end.

We leaders of our countries we should be ready to meet tomorrow's challenges .we must recognize that peace is a very powerful tool to defeat all extremist such as terrorist and leaders who are against human rights. I must be honest, though we are far more likely to work with countries that want to work with I conclude, I urge everyone to promote peace in our country. Thank you very much

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