Essay Sample on Cessation of Smoking and Lung Cancer

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Wang, J. W., Cui, Z. T., Ding, N., Zhang, C. G., Usagawa, T., Berry, H. L., Yu, J. M., ... Li, S. S.

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(January 01, 2014). A qualitative study of smoking behavior among the floating population in Shanghai, China. Bmc Public Health, 14.


The above research article was "a qualitative study of smoking behavior among the floating population in Shanghai, China" (Wang, et al., 2014). The study by Wang, et al., (2014), addresses the implication of ceasing smoking behavior and its association with lung cancer among other cancer diseases caused by tobacco smoking. This journal has focused on China population in Shanghai which has a high population of smokers and majority being men. Through an interviewing method of data collection, the study focused on different cohort groups and later performed a qualitative content analysis of the interviews. The conceptual basis of this study was that smoking was contributing to about 3,000 deaths everyday thus making it among the four causes of death in China. Most of the smokers died from lung cancer and the majority being men in the floating population. From the study, the researchers found that a comprehensive education regarding smoking cessation to the population is a need for smokers which would focus on the dangerous effects of smoking.


From the study, the title of the research is clear and precise for the reader. The title has given a clear outline of the purpose of the researcher. Through the introduction of the study, the author has linked the title to the purpose of the study as well. The aim of the study was to find out reasons for smoking among the floating population in China so as the develop strategies on smoking cessation (Wang, et al., 2014). For the conceptual basis therein, the study was based on how the termination of smoking is advantageous to the smoker. Additionally, smoking in the China population had been found to be a major cause of death through lung cancer. On the study methodology, the researchers used an appropriate method of data collection which was interviewing the participants through a grouped study. The appropriateness of this method in this study is that smoking is a behavior related problem and therefore individual opinions were the best data to obtain. On the content analysis, the use of qualitative content analysis was also appropriate in this study since most of the collected information was from the personal perspective of cessation of smoking behavior. From the results of the study, they provided a general knowledge of what smokers know about health risks of smoking thus giving an applicable idea on facilitating a cessation of smoking behavior. The study design, procedure, and results have provided implications regarding healthcare interventions on facilitating the cessation of smoking behavior among the floating population.


Regarding the research interest on cessation of smoking and lung cancer, the study has good correlation with the research interest. The applicability of this study is that most of the affected group by tobacco smoking-related lung cancer is the floating population in the society. The floating group represents the jobless, idle and the population unaware of the health risks of tobacco smoking. The research method is very applicable to the research interest to address why cessation of smoking behavior need a strategic approach, especially to the floating population.

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