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Geoffrey Small implements his marketing strategy through the creation of fashion lines that satisfy customers' desire to obtain long-lasting clothing. The implementation follows the organization's reputation in the protection of civil rights and the environment hence targeting environmentally concerned customers. The building blocks of the implementation of the marketing concept include the focus on the value to his customers through the provision of great services and products and honest communication with customers. Small thus seems to define the concept of marketing as not only the selling of ideas, services and good but also entail delivering benefit and value to his customers. Small's description is in agreement with Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel (2014) who depict the marketing concept as a combination of processes, activities, and institutions that create, communicate, deliver and facilitate the exchange of services and goods that are valuable to clients, customers, and the entire society.

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Marketing Management Philosophies

The four philosophies that affect marketing strides of an organization are societal, market, production and sales orientations (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). Societal orientation has its focus on preserving or enhancing the society's long-term welfare alongside satisfying the needs and wants of the customers while meeting the company's objectives. Societal orientation philosophy advocate for the use of recyclable, durable and non-toxic materials. Secondly, market orientation has the basis of the assumption that customers' decisions to buy services or goods determine sales volumes rather than aggressive sales power determining the sales volumes of an organization. The philosophy has the belief that economic and social rationale behind business's survival, competence and existence is the capacity of the organization to satisfy customers' needs and preferences at the same time its objectives (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). Sales orientation, on the other hand, links aggressive incentives for increasing sales volumes. Unlike market orientation, sales orientation do not consider marketplace's wants and needs. Lastly, production orientation has its philosophy focusing on the organization's internal capabilities but not marketplace's needs and desires. Under the philosophy, firms overlook consumer's needs and concentrate on its capabilities basing on its experience and resources.

Societal Marketing Orientation

Geoffrey Small employ societal marketing orientation. According to Small, his organization has a twofold aim of satisfying customers' wants and needs while addressing the environmental concern through the use of durable and reusable materials. Small's unique selling point is the production of manmade clothing to offset the incessant machine-made clothing. Small's firm do not make clothes just for sale but offer best quality goods that satisfy the best interest of customers regarding their individual needs. Although the Small firm's clothing might be costly to the customer and may take long to produce, the final products will satisfy the customers in terms of value, durability, and quality. Furthermore, the final products will carry the attribute of the origin from an organization that shares environmental concerns with its customers.

Using Social Media

Small can apply social media in demonstrating their determination to societal orientation management philosophy through applying it in communication and to serve as interaction platforms (Neti, 2011). Geoffrey's Company can apply social media platforms in posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram timelines about how the organization assists its customers in producing and selling durable and valuable clothing which are worth their money. The posts on social media can be in the form of pictures of the clothes, their price tags and the value that each cloth represent. In exchange, the firm will obtain customers' sentiments, feedback, suggestion and reviews than can assist the company in improving the products quality.


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