Essay on Impact of Police Officers in the Society

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In this country there are different types of police officers under two major categories: State and Local law enforcement and Federal law enforcement. Under the state and local law enforcement there are uniformed police officers, state police officers, transit and railroad police officers, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, detectives and criminal investigators and fish and game wardens. Under the federal law enforcement there is the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA), the United States Secret Service, Federal Air Marshalls and the United States Border Patrol (OOH, 2016).

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All these officers perform similar roles, mainly: responding to emergencies, testifying in court, conducting investigations, carrying out arrests, enforcing the law, patrolling assigned areas, collecting evidence and storing it safely, putting suspects under observation, protecting the citizens among others (OOH, 2016). All these roles are similar through all police officers regardless of the type they are or what department they fall under.Through this roles the police have an impact in the society.

They help to prevent crime by performing regular patrols in the streets and observing for any suspicious activities. This is done especially by the uniformed police. As a results the streets are peaceful with the presence of the police.

They enforce laws in the society. They help to prevent breaking of laws such as selling of illegal narcotics and illegal entry of immigrants into the country just to mention. They also ensure that any directives given by any government agency such as the department of justice are implemented. These include to stop uncivilized rioting and arresting suspects. This bring out order in the society.

Furthermore they conduct investigations into cases and present the evidence gathered to the department of justice. They also protect such evidence from being tampered with in such a way that justice will not be served to the perpetrators of crimes.As a result those whose rights have been violated get the legal help they deserve.

Agencies such as the secret service protect government officials and their families. Such persons are always targets by criminals and ill driven individuals. To keep them from harm they are always assigned a security detail to watch over them. In this way our leaders are kept safe and the running of government functions is smooth and uninterrupted.

Police officers are also tasked with responding to any emergencies that may arise. These range from accidents, ongoing crimes or even suspicious activities in any area. As a result lives are saved within a swift response of any report of the mentioned emergencies. Crimes are also stopped in time.

However despite these positive impacts, the police are sometimes associated with high corruption levels and inhumane treatment of suspects such as torture. This view of the police by the society has made them alienate law enforcement officers and as a result hinder them in doing their jobs. Police officers recently have been associated with racial killings and this makes them unpopular with persons of particular races especially the African Americans just to mention.

Generally police officers are tasked to protect the society from any harm or disruptions of its orderliness. They also ensure that the law is enforced and anyone who breaks it gets punished for it. However they have to ensure that the society has trust in them to perform their roles without any discrimination or corruption biases.


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