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Psychology explains that we are a product of our environment. Modern lifestyles have exposed people to objectionable vices that have affected our moral consciousness. Our sexual orientation is mostly attached towards our emotional response when responding to sexually appealing situations. In our traditional society, decency was a key focus on women in to reduce the chances of creating sexual appeal emotions to the public. This has affected our society negatively because fashion widely expresses sexism, which in turn has increased sexual addiction among most couples. The Bible reflects on human weaknesses caused by earthly pleasures. Most marriages are now affected by sexual addiction situations which lead to conflicts either through infidelity or sexual addiction by either of the partners.

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One's physical appearance can induce sexual appeal intuitions to a person of the opposite gender. However, we should be able to control our temptations to avoid misconduct or engaging in unethical practices. Our spiritual conviction can help us overcome earthly temptations by enabling us to act ethically (Clinton, Hart & Ohlschlager, 2005). Further, we should seek spiritual nourishment to refrain from giving in to sexual demands that arise from our emotions.

Establishing a good behavior can enable one to make the right choices at the right time. In the Gospel's of the Bible, Jesus helped a prostitute to overcome her sexual addiction. However, psychological studies indicate that some sexual cases require help from Psychologists to avoid acting out of one's control. In counseling sexual addicts, its important to use person-centered therapy which is a humanistic approach that is in the dealing of manner of ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously other than how a counselor can interpret their unconscious thoughts. This approach is important as the counselor works to understand the sexual addicts experience from their point of view and in doing so the therapist must positively value the client as a person in all aspects of their humanity. This kind of approach aids the client to feel accepted and also understand their own feelings. This self-reconnection enables them to improvise a way to move forward.

Biblical teachings explain that Spiritual Nourishment can help one overcome excessive desires that make one act against God's will. However, the church should also be willing to help people with sexual addiction receive help. In some cases, even members of the clergy are affected by sexual addiction. We should change how we perceive people of the opposite sex to overcome sexual addiction.

Sexual problems arise from the kind of environment one has been exposed to for instance one who has been sexually abused, one who feels that they are not cared for and therefore use sex as a form of deriving pleasures. The person centered approach is the best style while counseling such persons. Additionally psychology explains persons as being a product of their own environment.


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